i-course: 20 Nov 2011

21 Nov

We held another fantastic i-course at the Blackboard Gym yesterday and, once again, we were lucky enough to have a room packed full of enthusiastic attendees who improved rapidly through the day.

As always we had a fascinating mix of “normal people”, fitness enthusiasts, soldiers, personal trainers, sports people and “remote” Crossfitters looking to get some of the best Crossfit instruction available in the UK.

The course was lead by the two Crossfit London directors, Andrew Stemler and Steven Shrago, supported by Chris, Kate and Kat.

The Crossfit London i-course has an impressive history and is the culmination of over 7 years worth of Crossfit experience and coaching excellence. As the oldest affiliate in the UK, we have a unique and unrivalled experience base to offer.

As one person said ” I’ve come here because my local Crossfit, although good, is in effect a group of fit young guys being fit: I didn’t see anything extraordinary in young fit people being fit! But to see a 51 year old do muscle ups and handstand push ups, and then discover he wasn’t a child gymnast or a weightlifter – but the result of a well-taught Crossfit regime that can give those skills to anyone (even me eventually) was exciting. I also loved the originality and thought processes of the Crossfit London website, where the articles seemed to be balanced, interesting and well researched” (David)

Anyway, we had a great day,


5 thoughts on “i-course: 20 Nov 2011

  1. As an attendee of the above course I would like to say what a fantastic course, as a former full time athlete back in the day when there was no strength and conditioning coaches for my sport how refreshing it was to meet a group of people who like me wanted to improve their technique, and learn new skills, and all this from professionals such as the crossfit London team.
    more of the same please….

  2. I’m very definitely one of the “normal people” (when I was at school I was always the last one to be picked for football) but I learnt a huge amount which I’m still digesting. The difference in expertise between the crossfit instructors here and the personal trainers I’ve encountered at chain gyms really has to be seen to be believed. (Also I really enjoyed the jokes.) Thanks for a great day.

  3. Dear All at Crossfit

    I have attended many courses as a PE teacher but none so effective and downright enjoyable as the icourse last sunday. We learned the basics of crossfit within a fun but caring atmosphere and I would recommend the course to anyone searching for a change in lifestyle and indeed, perspective. Many thanks, Al

  4. I can only echo the sentiments above: a really well presented course, with a brilliant amount of help and feedback – thanks to all of you for a surprisingly fun day.
    And, yes, I am still sore….

  5. A big thank you to the Crossfit London team for a great day. As part of the “normal people” group, I have enjoyed the challenge of learning new skills. The team’s expertise and teaching methodology has made the day easy and fun . I also would like to thank the boys who have helped me “cheating” with my handstand, I’ll sure practice that one till I get it right.

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