Know your goat? “200 Wall Ball Shots….?!” – Richard Johnson

23 Nov

Tom’s Team Tuesdays!

Tabata Kettlebell Swings….GOOD

5 rep Deadlift build up over 5 sets….GOOD


Tonight’s Hero Workout…”NUTTS”!

In team of 2’s or 3’s complete the following for time:


30 Deadlift @ 115kg/80kg or 90% of 5RM

50 uncomfortably high Box Jumps

100 Pull Ups

200 Wall Ball Shots

400 Double Unders/ 3 to 1 single skips

800m run w 20kg worth of sandbags

1 person from each team working at any one time, rotate on 30 secs!

Fastest Time of 34 mins, slowest of 49 mins, excellent effort all round!



5 thoughts on “Know your goat? “200 Wall Ball Shots….?!” – Richard Johnson

  1. Surprisingly good fun. Wall balls killed us, relatively fine up until then. Yuri and I completed around the 38 min mark. Slept well post WOD!

  2. I laughed, I cried, I thought I was going to boke (during the wall balls). Circa 38 minutes with Alex. Totally passed through the point of actually feeling pain, presumably because I’d snapped the ends of all those nerves off?

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed this complete beast……actually enjoyed the wall balls. It was quite daunting prospect to complete 100 Pull-ups. The total absurdity of it kept me going. Tom H….the teams of three had it easy!

  4. This was awesome! and I wasn’t physically sick this time which is progress…………

  5. i think it was us who finished in 49 minutes, had a hell of a time with pull ups and hated the wallballs.

    surprisingly found my groove on the singles though, hopefully next time its double unders!

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