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03 Nov

(A quick note from Andrew & Steven We woud like to welcome Brie as one of our new Website contributors.The brief we have give her , (along with Kate)  is  in the tricky area of weight loss . This, hopefully means that in the very near future, our weight loss advise will be road tested by  women  ( and guys) who have  been there and done that, or by our growing team of sport scientists ( like Andrew, katarina and Ben C)

Over to Brie…..


Sometimes it seems things just all fall into place.  This past month has been one of extreme decadence for me – Canadian thanksgiving, visiting family, 30th birthday… I trained regularly through most of it, but I can just feel that I’ve put on a bit of weight, drank a bit too much, eaten a bit too much crap and with Christmas coming it might be best to go on a bit of a detox for November.

This also coincided with my thinking that perhaps, finally, I should give this ‘paleo’ thing a try.  I’ve been really skeptical about this system – but perhaps some of it is in the name, some of its that I like cheese… but I’ve seen some amazing things when followed strictly so why not!  I may not drink the kool-aid, but I will at least sip it.

It seems I’m not the only one craving a clean November – Kate has returned to ‘strict zone’ and Kirsty has pledged solidarity with me on my 30 day paleo challenge and we want the rest of you looking to slim yourselves a bit to join us in the name of Movember!

Kate has pledged £5 for every pound lost, while I have pledge £5 for every inch lost.  While the boys grow those fine mo’s, we’ll be working hard to present new svelte selves ready for Christmas fun beginning in December.

We hope you’ll join us!

43 thoughts on “Movember Weight Loss Challenge – JOIN US!!!

  1. Great Brie, well done. There’s nothing like a public announcement of intention to ensure compliance! I’m pleased with my start so far, and tonight will do the measurements so I can see what inches are lost along with the pounds. I might even (gulp) do an underwear before and after photo – although this will never see the light of day. That’s a promise!

    I’d like the sports scientists among us to help me work out % body fat, that’s what this is all about (as well as getting my jeans done up and doing pullups)

    It’s an honour to be able to join in the Movember fun, without giving up depillation. I hope lots of people will join in growing Mo’s, Zoning, Paleoing or just cheering the participants on and donating cash. Marvellous.

  2. Ta Kate! I would highly recommend getting out some calipers and doing body fat calculations. In my pre-crossfit life, a 3 month session with a PT resulted in a measly 1kg weight loss, but 12% body fat reduction and 5 inches off my hips! I live or die by measurements…

    PS for those of you interested in a quick summary of what andrew means when he says kate and I have ‘some experience’ with this take a look here:

    and I can’t read this post by kate often enough as its so inspirational:

  3. BTW, katarina is putting together a body composition/ measuring session ( with calipers ) that should see the light of day soon.

  4. SIGN ME UP!!!!

    I’ll join too….. Im struggling at the moment to shift this weight! When does it start (tomorrow?).

    Measuring body fat session will be good although I think Im too scared to know what the answer is :-/… I may do Paleo since I’ve already tested the water enough times to know how it works.

    Can I also pledge £5 for every pound I lose?

  5. Great, Ash, welcome aboard! This is a November challenge so the girls began Tuesday. I started Monday and will be going for 5 weeks. Start as soon as, if your ready.

  6. Hey sign me up…as I don’t weigh myself, especially never in pounds (yes I do truly pack on muscle like no ones business – just a shame the fat don’t go anywhere lol) I shall pledge the £5 per inch lost along with Brie….though does that mean on different parts of my body or just one area overall? Just getting clarification here. Bring on the calipers lol!! 😀

  7. Hey guys,

    The measurement session will be out soon me and Andrew just need to work out the time and day. Also do not worry about measurements going public as it will be your own responsibility to track your progress.

  8. Ok! I started officially today – I will run 4 days over into December to ensure I get a full “month” – I weighed myself at boots yesterday, did all my measurements and although it also did a body fat measurement, I’d like to do a caliper one as that machine at Boots always gives different readings.

    Good Luck everybody!

  9. There is a quick way to compute the body fat percentage based on your measurements using the navy body fat calculator. There are several webpages where you can put in the measurements and get the %BF as an output, e.g. this one . I am not completely sure how reliable it is, but given the formula is always the same, it should be good enough to track changes. I would also not trust the Boots machines too much.

    I am currently not targetting weight loss, but I will join you as a moral support on the clean paleo journey and to give you some additional motivation I will match the contribution of the “winner” of this challenge.

    Good luck to all!

  10. Very useful, thanks Veronika. I just measured myself this morning so was able to put all the calculations in. Was relieved to be in the ‘acceptable’ category. Noticed the long screed of argumentative comments under the form – almost worthy of Crossfit London’s blogging!
    This will do nicely until Katarina brings out her calipers.

    For the guys who are doing measurements only – please make sure you weigh yourselves too. Its an important part of the calculation so you’ll get a fuller picture of what’s going on with your body: muscle / fat mass etc and how it changes over the month.

  11. @Katarina, I would really like to do this. After recieving a 44% body fat reading at a ‘Heath Day’ at work a few weeks back, I would like to get a proper reading to convince myself I’m not going to die of a heart attack before Christmas 🙂

  12. i had my body fat done at the beginning of the week so i am up for this…seen as i promised Brie i would stick to the 30 day strict paleo 🙂 Day 5 strict is going well….i am not going to do measurements jsut body fat 🙂

    If anyone need paleo food books or info let me know…i have loads 🙂 x

  13. Hello everyone!

    This sounds great! Not sure whether to do the ‘£5 per inch lost’ method or body fat – I guess I’ll use whichever is the greatest delta. I started Monday.

    Also happy to lend out paleo and zone books – I have Robb Wolf’s Paleo Solution, Mark Sisson’s The Primal Blueprint, a Barry Sears Zone book and a zone recipe book (which I have never used!)

    Good luck everyone! 🙂

  14. @ Harriet
    I don’t know how you look like but received 44% is more than overrated. Lot of body electrical impedance machines (once in boots, fitness centers, GPs etc.) are just a quick and really unreliable way of measuring the estimation of BF %. There is a lot of prerequisites that have to be included in the protocol before measuring BF this way and even then it is still only an estimation.
    I will speak to Andrew and will try to sort out the date of the session soon.

  15. Hey girls!
    I am totally in as well. I definitely won’t be doing the kgs lost though, as like you Natasha muscle grows on me like leaves on a tree. I’d be very interested in getting my % body fat calculated though.
    I’ve been doing Paleo for quite sometime now, not 100% strict as is pretty hard to do in my line of work. But, my issue is that I like the Paleo way of eating (and well, eating period) way too much so my portion sizes are pretty big, I don’t have a ‘I’m full I should stop now’ off button. Oh and the binge drinking, going to try and curb that too! So, I’m going to check out this zone business.

    Good luck everyone!

  16. I’m borderline OCD about some things, but even for me the Zone is a slow and painful death…I find it punishes my healthy eating…I just can’t eat 58 cups of spinach and 29 cups of broccoli at each meal!

    Good luck to all you girls trying it!

  17. Or more precisely “Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat. “

  18. As a Crossfit Mummy still breast feeding I will be holding down all the cakes and chocolates while you slim jims diet your butts off.
    Anything for my fellow crossfitters.

  19. You girlies are an inspiration and I was definitely onto something with the paleo thing which I was quite enjoying. Unfortunately I’m now out of the Movember challenge for now having been diagnosed with a stomach ulcer (boo hoo!). Dry croissant and white rice is about the only food I can keep down for now so paleo is not what will be making me lose weight this winter lol. Quite rotten considering we are entering a gluttony season of food and alcohol lol. I can’t have coffee so at least that’s healthy hehe. I shall be with you in spirit and will be missing my crossfit workouts. Looking forward to hear all about your progress 😀 xx

  20. Oh no! Poor you! Hope the bacteria gets knocked out asap (I just looked it up)
    Enforced austerity isn’t the same as voluntary, but I’m sure you’ll be able to have some treats by New Year.

    I’m doing well so far – I hope the charity takes me to the cleaners 😉

  21. good luck natasha – sad you aren’t going to be with us until the bitter, bitter end. or perhaps the chocolatey, chocolatey end?

  22. Aww thanks guys. luckly my doc has kindly perscribed the strongest painkillers making me want to fall asleep at my desk! (thank goodness for green tea tablets and diary free coco!!) bacteria is long gone Kate (phew!) but the damage remains 🙁 I look forward to restarting my paleo challenge in a few months and once again running around the capital like a headless chicken hehe 😀

  23. Oh No! you should be careful eating grains as they can cause inflamation and so would not be good with a stomach ulcer! R u ok to train?

  24. How’s it going, everyone?
    Am fessing up to an angry, hormonal Kit Kat yesterday – didn’t even make me feel better! Otherwise fine, but glad were nearly halfway.

    Also looking forward to Andrew’s ‘tache getting a bit longer. It’s scratchy!

  25. Kate we need to organise a meal for us girlies when we finish. I am finding it pretty easy so far but have become the queen of tupaware….i literally have about 4 with me every day!

    I am back to training tomorrow hopefully 🙂 i miss you guys xx

  26. Lol! Yes, I have lots of tupperware stashed in draws/fridges at work.

    Were you thinking Thursday 1 Dec for dinner? Let’s go Westfield!

  27. Hiya kate, yea its been more rice than anything as the starch helps line the stomach. smell of food was unwelcome for a bit but I’m slowly getting my appetite back and aiming to increase my paleo compliance as time goes on and my meds decrease the symptoms. Can’t train I’m afraid, even running for the bus makes me sick. Right waste of a months membership but such is life. Just when I get onto something good I get cut down lol. Not to worry…onwards to start again hehe 😀 You guys are aceing Movember!!

    Kirsty – peek at your food diary pls?? Ideas would be grand 🙂

  28. I am doing OK – not staying so strict that I feel the need to eat a kit kat (I’ve always thought the zone’s portions were too tiny – we need diff amounts of food on different days imo!) but definitely noticed on days I train a difference in the volume I eat so trying to be careful to not undo my good work.

    Also trying to stay ‘diet’ paleo (cause its easy to be paleo and not lose weight) – so fruit only after I work out or when I wake up when live glycogen levels are depeted, but not always easy to follow and I have had honey when a friend cooked for me and I’m having a dairy day 1x per week.

    However, its way easier this week than last and inches are coming off! 2.5 cumulative inches in 11 days. Westfields on Dec 2?? My first day was bad so I’m not counting it…

  29. End of week 2 – total of 3.5 inches lost so far. Hoping to hit 5 inches total by month’s end. Some days are easy, some days are tough. Last night had a ‘mini-binge’ of 3 passionfruits and half a bag of raw chocolate covered raisins. All paleo – just not ‘paleo-for-weight-loss’ friendly!

  30. Good so far. Tend to let loose a bit at the weekend (bread!) but ok. Must stop weighing myself every day as it goes up and down disconcertingly. But about 5.5 lbs so far. Dont know about inches – will measure up at the end. But chuffed as the jeans that were squeezing horribley a few weeks ago, now fit nicely. Hurrah.
    Well done on your inches Brie

  31. hey there, i’ve lost 3lbs and sticking to paleo quite stricly BUT having 3-5 portions of fruit a day as I am also really sick at the moment and the fruit keeps me going. I’ve only been on Paleo for 8 days, (I started a week after you all so will continue for an extra week). Must say, I lost the will to live for the first 5 days on Paleo, moody, tired, achey and grumpy (Kate i very nearly had a kit kat too), I didn’t even want to exercise, and then got really, really sick. In recovery now but energy really low, I get tired washing my hair!!!!

    The positive is Im 3lbs lighter. Well done everyone …. glad we are in this together.

    Kate – you need to post some “in progress Mo’s” on the site so we can see how everyone is doing!


  32. the 2nd December will be perfect.

    Will get my body fat done tomorrow so can check out the 2 week progress…yesterday was a tough day all i wanted to do was eat a cake lol…but i resisted and had lots of green tea instead fun! I am down 3kg and my inches in total are around 3ish! Cant wait to have a nice meal at the end and a drink at the Christmas Party…it should only take a glass of wine to get me drunk lol

  33. Did you get sick because of the diet, or is it something else like flu? Please take care of yourself and eat what you need. Well done on your 3lbs! I’m continuing for another week too – right up until we go on holiday to Rome. Foodie heaven!

    Andrew hates his Mo like nothing else on earth! Will get a picture tonight 😉
    Other guys – if you want to email me a pic of yourself, we’ll get a Rogues Gallery going

  34. Oh guys – 2nd Dec will be okish, but I can’t drink (teaching Saturday morning wipes out any Friday night partying)

  35. Well I’m probably going to be in Senegal…so maybe Fri Dec 2 is out. (may also mean I finish this challenge on Dec 1 when I leave)
    Also, its worth saying I remember a time when I had other friends who didn’t eat Paleo/do crossfit … they all appear to have abandoned me now (or vice versa) 😉

    Andrew’s mo is HILARIOUS.

  36. Brie – on friends – how true! That was the reason I had the emotional Kit Kat!

  37. @Kate I have a recurring chest infection and it just came back with a vengeance, nothing to do with the Paleo eating – it was just bad timing.

    Steven’s mo just had me in stitches. So, so funny! Im so glad Mo’s aren’t standard fashion anymore, they’re vile!

  38. gals, so what are the outcomes here? I have promised to match the contribution of whoever loses most, so it would be nice if you could share the results.

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