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07 Nov

Hi All

For months we’ve  been meaning to mention that fact that Naim has set up his own law practise, and will kindly give some initial free advise to his fellow Crossfitters, and hopefully a discounted rate if you need to engage him  ( or his partners professionally).

It seems that November is the new December, when it comes to selfless charitable acts.  We have Movember already producing some scary results, and the Weight Loss challenge promising to produce some awesome ones.

We’ve recently heard of yet another charitable cause taking place this month – Will Aid.  Naim’s new firm ( is one of a handful of law firms taking part in this scheme this month, during which they are offering to draft, register and store your Will entirely free of charge.  You will only be asked to consider making a donation to charity, there is no obligation at all for you to do so.

If you do wish to make a donation the money goes to Will Aid, which supports 8 great causes both in the UK and abroad

Not the most cheerful of campaigns, but as with the others the underlying motivations are definitely worth supporting. So, why not grab the opportunity of having this legal work done entirely for free!  Perhaps the only time you’ll ever get anything free from a lawyer.  The bastards.  Except for Naim, of course.

Specific contact details for this campaign are provided on the firm’s website, but if you’d prefer to talk to Naim directly feel free to call him on 020 7609 1177 or email him on

Let’s do all we can for charity this month!  And tell our loved ones that the recession is to blame for the lack of Xmas gifts this year…


3 thoughts on “Naim and Wills

  1. Naim, you’re admirable! Congratulations on setting up your own law practice! I miss working out with you.

  2. Thanks Rita! See you when it gets warm again (I’m not jealous, no, really I’m not)!

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