No push ups???

07 Nov

In an earlier article on pull ups, I was able to warn our clients of the evil of not having a pull up. The good thing about that  post is that I new what to set for getting your 1st pull up

I’ve had lots of clients who didn’t have  a push up, but, because I shouted and snarled so much, quickly “got one”.  The reality is that Ive never been quite sure what they actually did. We need a “how to get your 1st push up” guide:

So is it lots of on your knees, panks and eccentric lowering?

This has  to be  a bit more than ” just go and practise” .

So add your Push up secrets to comments.

4 thoughts on “No push ups???

  1. Andrew, I’d suggest starting pushups with hands elevated above the feet, perhaps on a bench or even higher (stack of weights?) if necessary, then work on reducing the angle over time, until you’re pushing off the ground. This reduces load on the upperbody, but forces full ROM and keeps the body in a plank position (core strength).

  2. Yoga got me my first full press up through vinyasas…you lower from plank and transition into upward dog over and over again, essentially doing negatives. After maybe 2 years I was able to push myself back up. But being able to lower yourself and stop every inch on the way down is a good midterm goal.

  3. oh i should say it wouldn’t have taken me two years to get a press up had that been my goal – just that negatives are a good route to press ups imo

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