Now this is Crossfit!

17 Nov

Tom’s Team Tuesdays!

This week: “Murph”

But first, well after a nice alternative “cindy” warm up, aptly named “anxious cindy”, I taught the guys how to rope climb! Properly! Burns and all! During Royal Marines Training I was taught the most efficient rope climbing technique practiced by any armed forces in the would, one that can be performed so efficiently that you can add 32lb and a rifle to a man and ask him to climb a 30ft rope at speed without a problem! Needless to say once the guys had had the opportunity to practice the technique, most of them embraced it during the latter stages of the workout!

“Murph” in pairs!

If you can’t read my terrible writing in my terrible photo, here’s what we did:

In pairs, complete the following for time (30 min cap)

800m run each

complete 10 rounds between two of:

10 pull ups

20 push ups

30 squats

800m each

in remainder of the time up to 30 minutes, complete as many 12ft rope climbs as an individual as possible.


5 thoughts on “Now this is Crossfit!

  1. That was a lot of fun Tom – but I am still aching a little and I am missing some of my epidermis. But I will be back for more.

  2. that looks class, did the “team pairs” start racing each other to see who could do the most rounds, would ve been some kick in the nuts if u r partner did one of u r rounds.

  3. Colm – maybe a bit – it definitely pushed you. However, I was pretty happy that Matt was able to help with 3 push ups and 10 air squats before departing for an 800m run without the use of my arms. I was properly on my arse after this. The rope climbing finisher was torture.

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