Sally Does A Crimbo Come Back!

23 Nov

Yep you read correctly I am back for a Christmas Special.

I have been busy being Mum for nearly 8 Weeks now and boy has time flown. I was starting to wonder if anyone would remember me at the box…sniff sniff.

Then out the blue Andrew asks me to cover a couple of classes for him, naturally I jumped at the chance.

So expect some classic ‘Sally’ programming and bags of Crimbo spirit.

I will be covering Andrew on Friday 9th December and Monday 12th December.

As by popular demand I will be setting you up for the ‘Bear’ on Monday’s Class.

Be there or be square.

Ps. Look how much My little Snoopy has grown.


One thought on “Sally Does A Crimbo Come Back!

  1. I can’t wait to demolish the bear! only too bad we can’t do a sequel ‘PT’ session like what happened last time.
    I have my old score on hand – I am promising now both to kill my time and weight on this one 🙂

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