Show a bit o’ leg!

23 Nov

We need 3 volunteers to be models this coming Saturday for the running seminar at 2pm.

This is for the remedial massage part of the show. I need to be able to demonstrate the muscles that act upon the knee, and the trigger points therin. This means drawing on your THIGHS (oo-er) with washable markers, and then sending you around the groups so they can use you as a reference. You’ll need to wear shorts, and arrive early at 1.30pm

The good news is, for being a patient model in this section, you get free entry to the event and can participate fully in all the other drills and fun.

Let me know in comments…

8 thoughts on “Show a bit o’ leg!

  1. Hi Kate – I’ll volunteer! I’m already signed up though, hope this doesn’t present a problem. Ta Tom

  2. Hi, this running seminar sounds interesting, I can volunteer…if you don’t mind a little bit hairy legs hehe

  3. Great, thanks Tom. You may not get a chance to participate in the actual massage as you’re being used as a “reference book”. If you’re still ok with that, then great!

  4. I’m OK with being drawn on thanks Kate. Might go down to the tattoo parlour afterwards though……………………..

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