Sunday Strength Catch up and Adult Gymnastic classes

06 Nov

Sunday morning, as normal was “a buzz” at Crossfit london. We kicked off with our popular strength catch up classe where Efe and Alex popped out a few impressive PB’s ( Efe has them on film on his facebook account: not sure if i can paste a facebook video into this blog ( Efe? Ashleigh? Steven?), Alex popped out an impressive 70kg squat snatch. Well done.

Amelia had a packed morning in the back room, and occupied her classes with handstands and bridges , cartwheels etc…hope it was as fun as it looked

2 thoughts on “Sunday Strength Catch up and Adult Gymnastic classes

  1. I really enjoyed my first strength workout. I was able to work on things that i am struggling with. Thanks for the help with the negatives andrew. I felt it today!

  2. Hi Andrew – you can post a link to the video if it is made public – otherwise just ask him to send them over to you via email! A

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