Sunday Strength

13 Nov

We observed  the 2 minutes silence, then  started popping out PB’s . Special mention to Adrienne and Sophia who popped out lots of Pb’s, and the lovely Kate for her new back squat PB. Girls Rock

2 thoughts on “Sunday Strength

  1. Awesome work done by all. I am particularly stoked with my chin ups, happiness level has definitelty improved, and guess it means I can ditch the cats as someone of quality will want to marry me now, huh Andrew…? ;-p Big thank-you though for making sure I did negatives everytime I stepped foot in the gym. Just got to get me a proper pull up now!

  2. Good work Adrienne, I am now a ghost shuffling about the CF blogs until I hopefully get resurrected when my back decides to play again. Remember those SDLHPs? Yep, they ruined me and I’ve been getting massage from Andrew ever since, I’m sure it’s a ploy.

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