The Box Jump

19 Nov

Saturday 19th November 2011

The box jump an interesting exercise.  It looks quite tame but for some it is regarded with fear.  The seed of thought that you might miss the box and hurt yourself can be debilitating. It is often performed at a slow steady pace jumping, landing, stepping back off and re setting is often seen in the gym.  If you can work towards stringing several reps together you will cut seconds , maybe minutes off your time and also manage a greater metcon hit.  Mastering the rebound back into a another box jump takes practice. So that’s what we did…


5 rounds for time of 7 shoulder press 7 push press 7 push jerk (40/30kg) 21 box jumps.

Feel that shoulder burn!

One thought on “The Box Jump

  1. 13.48 at 35kg.
    Great WOD. Horrible, in terms of both strength and met con…
    Thanks Colin!

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