The Power Clean

26 Nov

Saturday 26th November 2011


A packed morning today. Started with a front squat ladder with a cut off of 10 minutes. Ladders are a great progressive warm up and end up being just plain horrible.


21-15-9 of power clean, pull ups and ring dips. I find the power clean really tests my recovery and for me really works my grip strength too.  You have to focus on that hip snap.

After Party

Tabbatta hand stand hold. Nice!

This is the last Saturday to enjoy the ‘tache action. So make the most of it!


One thought on “The Power Clean

  1. Ran into a bit of trouble on the hang power clean. Used arms to much which affected the other movements as well so it was around 19 minutes with red and blue bands at 60kg.
    Squat ladder completed at 60kg went ok beforehand.

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