Time to get ballsy with Olympic Lifts

30 Nov

After 5/6 weeks of high volume, heavy, long team WOD’s it was time to give my guys a break. So tonight we used the WHOLE NIGHT to dial in our clean and jerk!

We did this by working clean drills right from the set up position all the way to pulling under the bar. As for the Jerk? Turn that heel out buddy!

The main lesson I think everyone took away from Tuesday night’s Clean & Jerk night was to commit to the lift from the start, staying tight and fast until the lift is complete and most of all, USE YOUR LEGS! The squat and the split are your friends and there to help you!

PB”s from Paul, Carolyn and Alex as far as I know! any more? post weight and comments!

But i can’t let my METCON warriors go away without losing the breathe a little!… TABATA DOUBLE UNDERS BABY!


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