Wednesday 23 Nov (pm)

23 Nov

Im still playing with the Strength /olympic lifting mix as the strength component, so tonight it was warm up, get to 85% of your deadlift and squat snatch, then do…

2 deadlifts, 2 snatches: 3/4 sets ( with appropriate rests between sets…ie take a minute between the deadlift and the snatch. To be honest, a bit longer rest would be better, but we need this over in 30-35 minutes )

Todays interesting wod

1 kettlebell swing (25/16kg), 1 burpee, 1 pull up ( or ring row). then 222, 333, 444 etc.  Amrap 15 minutes

( I normally test the  wod in the morning to give you an easy 51 year old man target for you to humiliate, but unfortunately I picked up the 32kg without thinking, so only made it to 9 rounds. I  suggest, 12 + is possible with the correct weight)

well, my guess wasnt that far off!



7 thoughts on “Wednesday 23 Nov (pm)

  1. 9 rounds on the nose (last few pullups were rubbish) but was gobsmacked to see Cindy strict and Adrienne kipping right through. I take Andrew’s admonition to me seriously…
    “Catch up!”
    Well done girls, you’re inspirational

  2. deadlifts at 65kg which is good since its my first time attempting post-injury.

    used 16kg kettlebell and green band. 8 rounds plus 5 burpees. Band was probably too easy but my first time using 16kg for a WOD and really pleased with that!

    It pains me to admit it – but this paleo thing seems to make crossfit a lot easier and i’ve seen a tonne of improvement since the beginning of the month. dammit.

  3. well done everyone!, But in have to single out Ben and Adrienne as 1st time Rxing the pull ups ( and indeed this whole workout)

    As always, Cindy strict pulled through the whole Wod.

    some noticeable improvement in the snatch. ill try and include an olylift practise session in every class in do.

  4. Thanks, super stoked to get away from the bands in a WOD, well for kipping anyway. The Burpees slowed me down a lot, KB swings weren’t too hard, overall very nice WOD 🙂

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