What foods are good for you?

11 Nov

I had great fun watching channel 4’s Food hospital this week.

It occurred to me that we could all do with a reminder of what are the better foods. Sure we can eat Paleo or healthy Zone, but im sure it would help to be reminded of stuff like garlic, turmeric, sprouting broccoli, and ginger ( not that I have the faintest idea of what to do with ginger!)

Here are some guidelines I culled out of “Health Defence” , (Dr Paul Clayton.)

Eat more flavonoid rich food. which is stuff like prunes, strawberries, bilberries, apples, citrus fruit, raisins, raspberries, blackberries. red and yellow onions and shallots. walnuts, pecan nuts and tomatoes.

Switch from beer/white wine to red wine

A good anti cancer diet includes onions, walnuts, pecans, tomatoes, tea, coffee rosemary, turmeric and garlic

Tea ( probably without milk and sugar!), especially green tea.

get outside and get some sunshine

anti oxidants; fish oil, turmeric, ginger, curcuminoids

Can anyone add to this list. it would be nice to get it into a handy to carry format so you can carry it around the supermarket.

I read some interesting ideas that a bit of live natural yoghurt does you good, however most   probiotics are little more than liquid sugar, and the bacteria they carry may not be what they seem; its like, allegedly , someone saying they will bring George Clooney to your party, only to discover that  there is “a” George Clooney  who lives in Edmonton  and he is a part time road sweeper!

Im aslo beginning to  consider experimenting with eating “organs” rather than exclusively meat ( apparently liver/kidneys are good /better for you) and Im plucking up the courage to ask my local butchers to begin ordering “game”: fluffy bunny rabbits, and friendly fowl…. no idea how to cook them

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  1. it might also be a good idea to share recipes that would introduce these good foods. I just came from the grocery and I’ve always wanted to do something with livers but I’ve got one recipe but it takes a bit of effort.

  2. I probably trust Jamie over Delia generally but it’s a very marginal call. They are both great. In terms of dealing with game or rabbit that’s delias forte. She’s quite old school. Jamie has more interesting recipes.

  3. lamb kidneys are best grilled on a kebab kind of turkish style (efe any thoughts)? just delicious.

    For chicken livers I would make a pate and eat it on really nice crusty bread. Or toss pasta through it (none paleo friendly I know!)

    Grilled chicken hearts very nice as well. Finally, rabbit will almost always be delicious if cooked slowly and wine of some type is involved…


  4. Liver, bacon and onions it is tonight – tomorrow a sort of kidney stroganov is planned. Poor bunny – can I bear to cook you….

  5. Just a few from me:

    Believe it or not Red wine is good for you it contains a high level of antioxidents as does Dark Chocolate (>70% cocoa), no milk or diary as it will kill antioxidents.

    Flax seed and ground fenugreek seeds first thing in the morning i pop these in my smoothie of a morning, form or fiber and helps to detoxifie xeno-estrogen and improves insulin sensitivity.

    Also Avocados, Grapefruit, Pomegranate, and other Exotic Fruits are known to prevent Diabetes

    I also drink alot of green tea although for people that dont like it you can always buy a supplement 🙂

  6. I am a big fan of pigs kidneys and I like to curry them. Gently fry some onion then add spices of choice like, tumeric, cumin, corriander, curry powder, dash of paprika…chop up the kidneys in to cubes, and cook over low heat till cooked. They take a suprisingly long time to cook, so just test for pinkness as you go. Salt to taste. Maybe add in some water if you want a sauce, to be paleo thicken with ground almonds.

    Also, you can’t go past lambs fry of kidneys, liver, bacon, onions. Amazing.

  7. I’m not the worlds biggest fan of offal etc but would recommend if you are you read Fergus Henderson’s “Nose To tail Eating” cookbook. Also go to his restaurant in Clerkenwell the St John (which even I liked). He has an offshoot resto in commercial street too which is also good. Happy eating 🙂

  8. What not to eat…..Just flew back from Hong Kong in the BA cheap seats and I was served up the filthiest, nastiest food that I have ever eaten or seen. Gloopy beef stew with synthetic mash and carrots that dissolved on application of pressure. For breakfast eggs mixed with cheese, a mystery steamed sausage and flacid hash browns.

    Luckily I was able to wash down the two mouth-fulls that I dared eat with flavanoid rich red wine. It was a total insult to food. Utterly disgusting.

    What to eat…….I love offal and game. I particularly like calves liver, flash fried, served pink with caramelised onions.

  9. @adrienne, that sounds good! might try that over the weekend with a few extra organs in there to mix it up.

    my friend does a mean chicken hear (or liver) , i’ll try to get his recipe.

    as for the “sisig” (filipino version of the offal i guess) i made during phil and kate’s party. here’s how it goes (this is a long one):
    1. grab as much pig parts as you can from the butcher (heart, liver, ears, maybe some lungs and pork belly are my suggestions).
    2. boil them with whole black peppers until very tender, at least 1 hour
    3. grill them
    4. chop them all up into very small pieces (but don’t mince them)
    5. mix them up with some vinegar and lemon, chili, onions garlic and crushed black pepper. it should be soaking with this marinade (overnight works best)
    6. fry them
    7. serve with a sprinkle of soy sauce and lemon

  10. Allan, thanks heaps for the recipe and for making it at the BBQ, super tasty! Just need to go hunting for the bits of pig…

  11. we tried a Rabbit. It cost £10. We roasted it. tasted sort of like chicken, but with a tang and it “felt heavy”

    Forced half of it down, kept the other half for lunch, but neither of us could face it. Ended up in the bin. Kate kept on sobbing about Hazel and Fiver and Watership down.

    We could have disguised it (stew wine etc), but as its quite expensive, I wanted to see if it was a “stand alone”meat.

    On the other hand, It was a delighted to revisit lambs liver and kidneys. very economical, apparently good for you, although kate didnt like the liver.

  12. A mate of mine dispatched several squirrels at his parents’ place nr Hereford with a air rifle and brought them back to London. They made an OK stew actually – similar to Rabbit but perhaps a little gamier.

    I’ve read a couple of articles lately where it has been touted as an “ethical” meat because of the exploding grey squirrel population etc. Although I’ll admit I’ve never seen a London supplier there are apparently increasing numbers of butchers in the UK selling them.


    On a separate note. And forgive me if I’ve banged on about this before, for all thinks meaty and ofally I can’t recommend Smithfields market highly enough. If you have the space in your freezer to bulk buy then it’s great value – I get about 5 kilos of chicken breast fillets in a big box for around £20-£22 (in the supermarket these cost between £10-£12 per Kilo), and you can get whole sirloins, ribeyes, rumps etc starting at about £30 – you take these home and cut them into steaks yourself, to the size of your choosing… you just have to get there by about 6am on a weekday.

    It’s actually quite an experience in itself to go there – the porters all start work late in the evening so the pubs round there all open at about 4am for their after work drinks, I would say it’s one of the few genuinely 24hr areas of London. Well worth a visit.

  13. I got a box of those chicken breasts delivered from marky market, £33 with his fees which is still cheaper than supermarket if you can’t face waking up early. I also buy his pork belly which is amazing and probably way cheaper if bought direct.

    and why haven’t we talked about pig cheeks yet??? they are amazing.

    I work right across the street from smithfields so if anyone wants to wake up early, buy meat, then go to say… hawksmoor guildhall for breakfast and then head into work early (efe i’m looking at you) I’d be up for it…

    Kate/Andrew I told you to stew the rabbit! Stewing doesn’t change the flavour of the rabbit, it just prepares it in a way that optimises the texture of the lean meat so its much more delectable (fall off the bone delicious). listen to the food blogger now. Also you can get them from farmer’s markets for under £5 and probably cheaper at smithfields.

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