WOD 11 November (am & pm)

11 Nov

Heavy dips and light snatch balances as a warm-up before:


AMRAP 12 mins

6 Pull-ups (strict)

9 Ring dips

12 Squat snatches (35kg/20kg)


Squat snatches are strict today. No power snatches into overhead squats; you land in the bottom of your squat or you do it again!

5 thoughts on “WOD 11 November (am & pm)

  1. steven, you may need to photograph the morning results. or write closer together!

    I think “am” neil got 4 rounds and 6/9 snatches. Cameron may have equalled him, but he did 4 rounds at 15 snatches a round.

    kate did this after the main class. 2 rounds 6 snatches ( 22.5kg/ blue band, and skinny on the dips)

  2. I got 4 rounds and 3 pull ups with the 25kg on the squat snatches and skinny red band on the pull ups (after being in pain from Thursday’s WOD) and the same band on the dip. Painful but good.

  3. Bumped in to Audra on the way home on Saturday night – she then took the mickey out of my use of green bands on the pull ups. I tried to use the excuse that I weighed quite a lot but it didn’t seem to wash! Oh well – I suppose I should toughen up… 🙂

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