WOD 21st November (am & pm)

21 Nov

A classic CrossFit WOD with a twist today. Workout 6 from the 2011 CrossFit Games Open was today’s challenge:

AMRAP 7mins

Complete as many reps as possible in 7 minutes following the rep scheme below:

3 Barbell Thrusters (45kg/30kg)
3 Chest to bar Pull-ups
6 Barbell Thrusters
6 Chest to bar Pull-ups
9 Barbell Thrusters
9 Chest to bar Pull-ups
12 Barbell Thrusters
12 Chest to bar Pull-ups
15 Barbell Thrusters
15 Chest to bar Pull-ups
18 Barbell Thrusters
18 Chest to bar Pull-ups
21 Barbell Thrusters
21 Chest to bar Pull-ups…and so on

(Note: 0630 class did regular pull-ups, and not the chest-to-bar variety)

26 thoughts on “WOD 21st November (am & pm)

  1. Thats good alex……….. I remember watchin the vids of this and thinking this killz

  2. 30kg/red blue bands
    3,6,9 and 8 thrusters and suddenly it was all over. About right as my Fran is usually a long haul – like a full Mass plus communion, hymns and confession. And as much fun.

  3. Subbed this at 40kg
    Got my rounds of 12 done, plus 14 thrusters.
    That was a long 7 mins…

  4. I started this doing CTB, by the end I was barely getting my chin over it, a great workout

  5. Really tough wod this.

    Does my forearms being sore afterwards rather than shoulders/legs indicate poor technique?

    Lastly @ andrew/other coaches next time on this or something similar I’d like the opportunity to finish the wod, as the cut off time is so short. Is this possible? I’d like to have attempted to get through the 18s and 21s as is that not the whole point of the workout.

    1. @Pat – sore forearms could be from the pull-ups, but sound like you may not have been racking the bar on your shoulders during the thrusters.

      Re. The cut off: the WoD as prescribed is a 7min AMRAP as it was during the games. There is no finish point. The numbers listed in the WOD description were illustrative. Check out the results on the games site to see how far the elite got!

  6. As a non-kipper with one strict pull up on a good day I also found this workout rather frustrating. With all the climbing in and out of the band, waiting till I am able to do the next pull-up etc I found the 7 minutes way too short to get any metcon benefit. I made it past the 12 thrusters and then it was already over. If a workout this short contains so many pull-ups isn’t it better for people like me to sub with something like ring rows so that I can keep working throughout? Also what is CFL’s position on jumping pull ups? Except for Kate’s birthday special Philthy Fifty I have never seen them programmed or suggested as a substitute for kipping. Are you scared an enthusiastic jumper will fall of a box or is it more because you think the exercise does not have much to do with the actual pull up?

  7. have to agree with Veronika – this WOD was designed to test the elite, but for mere mortals clambering in and out of bands, it just felt too abbreviated. If we’d been left to go 10-15 mins, for me it would have felt more satisfying as a WOD.

    We do jumping pullups from the floor with rings – a lot safer than on a box. But I’ve never seen them programmed outside Filthy 50.

  8. round of 12s + 10thrusters Rx
    really hard as my kipping pull ups are not too great yet. But overall I am in pain.

  9. Pat – Andrew made us do handstands and handstand push-ups after this…..which while sounding masochistic stretched out my sore forearms. I think I need to do more thruster practice…….was using way too much upper body. Tried to be more explosive through the legs and hips as it went on and I think this helped.

    Managed the 12s then 15 thrusters and 2 PUs.

  10. I subbed this with push press instead of thrusters as my poor knees are not loving the change in weather at the moment, another one who because I was clambering into and out of bands feel like I didn’t actually do a lot of work 🙁 Guess it’s time to get back to doing pullups at home – mine seem to have disappeared all together…

  11. Round of 12s + 12 thrusters for me. IOMS (immediate onset muscle soreness) in the old thighs afterwards.

  12. btw, hi Veronika: yep, maybe ring rows could be a sub. we avoid jumping pul ups under fatiguing conditions due tom an association with rhabdo….still in the filthy 50 though, so a bit of a conflict., but it has a different metabolic effect: trust me

    1. Out of curiosity I went and checked the scores of the elite competitors during the open competition. Bear in mind they were doing chest to bar pull-ups as well. The top score (in the world) was 169 reps which equates to the completion of round 21 (plus one thruster)! To put it in context our best scorers were Colm (113) and Alex (102)!

      CrossFit Game Open Competition Week 6 Scores

  13. I am confused. Steve, which Alex and how come Alex D said he did 12 but is recorded on the white board as 15 rounds? Also, should we change our names :)?

    1. I’m fairly sure that Alex D got 15 rounds plus 15 thrusters. At least that is what he said when I asked him post WOD…probably not the best time for clarity of thinking?

  14. i think both steve and i got a bit muddled with recording the rounds, but, if everyone could changes their name to Susan, i think that would help

  15. Jeeze. I remember this one. I got up to 12 reps and I wasn’t right for a bit afterwards. Congrats to everyone who got through it.

  16. Was rx chestvto bar? Marcus chest to barred every single pull up. Was impressive. For me that’s best performance

  17. ah, yes it was 15 + 12 thrusters. However I didn’t do chest to bar pull ups. Would have been way lower if I’d done C2B.

  18. The method of counting this one in terms of reps, which was used for the CF games Open, is probably best, ie 3+3+6+6…. On that basis completing the round of 12s is 60 reps, and the round of 15s is 90, which means I got 95 reps. Humbling to know that the CF superstars like Froning etc got over 160. Note for next time, don’t smash yourself in the nose with your first thruster – it definitely slowed me down a bit and cost me a few reps overall!

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