WOD 23rd November (am only)

23 Nov

‘Twas cold this morning…

To warm-up, we trialled the (patent pending) CrossFit London Fake Prowler. Two 20kg bumper plates lashed together with a karate belt, pushed and pulled the length of the gym certainly got the heart racing.

Strength this morning was the deadlift. We were lifting 5 @65% 1RM, 5 @75% 1RM and 5+ @85% 1RM.

Followed this up with three rounds of resisted pull-ups…surely one of nature’s most depressing exercises, but performed with smiles (grimaces, maybe) on everyone’s face.

Finally the WOD, which should really be called “I’ll have the burpees with a side of burpees”


Dumbbell burpee and press (2x 10kg/5kg dumbbells)



0630 times (all RX’d)

Maxim 11:11

Steven 11:19 (last night)

Neil 11:20

Brian 11:23

Alex 12:50

Harriet 14:27

Veronika 15:30ish


One thought on “WOD 23rd November (am only)

  1. this was HORRIBLE, can we please never do anything like this again? Burpees are my nemesis and dumbbell burpees are just rediculous >:(.
    Glad and slightly surprised that I got through this. My deadlifts were 5, 5, 8 at 57.5kg, 67.5kg and 75kg

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