WOD 25th November (am & pm)

25 Nov

A little bit of gymnastic skills work to start: forward rolls into two-footed standing. And then forward rolls into pistols (on both legs). Hilarity ensued (after the dizziness subsided).

Strength work was 5-5-5+ weighted dips.

The WOD was actually the very first one that we ran when we opened the new gym in April:

70 Push jerks for time (60kg/40kg)

1x squat clean & 1x front squat each time the bar is dropped before the next push jerks can be completed.

The fastest time back in April was around 15mins for this, so when I set 13:28 last night I was feeling pretty good about myself. And then EVERYONE beat me this morning…

Harriet (35kg) 11:04

Neil (RX) 11:41

Alex (RX) 11:50 (a 5 minute improvement on April!)

Veronika (23kg) 12:46

Ben (RX) 47 reps in 20:00

Brian (DNF)

Visitor Pablo got a cuddle outside the box!


7 thoughts on “WOD 25th November (am & pm)

  1. Despite nearly taking my head off in one of the cleans I found this WOD ok as we went along, but I felt soooooooo bad afterwards … there was some very wobbly cycling on the way to work.

  2. This WOD made me swear… a lot. Apologises to the 5pm attendees. As if having a pink skipping rope wasn’t bad enough.

  3. A bit of a painful WOD, I’m guessing I won’t be able to move my shoulders in the morning!
    14.30 mins at 50kg
    Was happy with the weight, but must admit my ‘squat’ cleans lacked some serious depth after a while , and I think I push pressed quite a lot…

  4. Took me about 15:30 Rx and I already have identical bruises on my shoulders and on my collar bones from dropping the bar onto them. What a painful WOD…

  5. hi guys, the results photo is up.

    ought to say that Chris did 25 reps with the full 60kg, Quite a feat if you only weigh 65kg!

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