WOD 28 November (am & pm)

28 Nov

Another cold one this morning, so we got moving quickly (in both senses of the phrase) with some shuttle runs, shuffles and bounding jumps. We also dipped our toes in the deep waters of resisted sprinting and acceleration. More to come on this topic I believe.

Strength work was back squat 3-3-3+. We are only two weeks away from ‘testing week’, where we will be putting this 5-3-1 programme to the test and seeing if we have moved our 1RMs on.

The WOD was simple but pretty brutal:

3 rounds for time

20 Front squats (60kg/40kg)

10 Toes-to-bar

At least noone left the gym cold, this morning…!


0630 scores

  • Steven (RX) 7:04
  • Veronika (30kg) 9:05
  • Harriet (35kg) 9:23
  • Brian (RX) 9:52

5 thoughts on “WOD 28 November (am & pm)

  1. Managed 3 x 45kg, 3 x 52.5kg, 6 x 57.5kg on the back squats. WOD was tough and the last round I ended up breaking into 4 sets of 5 for the squats. Just about managed knees to arm pits for all the Toes to bar reps which is an improvement for me 🙂

  2. Last set of BS was 3 X 75

    Was too cautious on WOD weight – should have gone RX. I’ll know next time
    35kg, toes nearish bar, 7.32mins

  3. 7.50 mins @ 50kg
    Happy with the weight – marginally less than body weight, but to be fair I think I have an advantage when it comes to bodyweight/manipulation movements like toes to bar so it all averages out…
    Plus, I used racks (so didn’t have to clean) due to some wrist problems caused I think by going heavier than normal on some WODS recently. Damn puny wrists…

  4. I rate Yuri as man of the match: it was way too heavy for him, but he dragged himself through it. Thoroughly inspiring

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