WOD 30th November (am & pm) & Athleat.co.uk 100 Rep Challenge

30 Nov

Bit of high school disco dancing to warm up with this morning. Nice moves, folks!

For a quick diversion, and to further underline the old CrossFit matra (“Your workout is our warm up”) we had a quick punt at Athleat.co.uk’s 100 Rep Challenge.

Simply put, do all the work as fast as possible whilst maintaining good form.

10 Strict pull-ups (no kipping)

30 Push-ups (chest to desk)

60 Squats (to parallel or below)

The challenge tossed out over Twitter last night was whether anyone could break 90 seconds for this. The best time listed on their website last night was 1:37. Neil cracked out a 1:35 this morning. Have at it! (for the record: my money is on Naim!)

Strength work was the deadlift 3-3-3+

Today’s (proper) WOD was a curious combination of strength and skill:

AMRAP 10 mins

3 Handstand push-ups (use 2x20kg bumper plates to create a deficit if you have have full HSPUs)

6 Squat snatches (42.5kg/30kg)

9 Box jumps (green/blue)


Probably worth mentioning again that Athleat.co.uk do a terrific range of organic and free range meats, delivered straight to your door. I have used them for a few months now and have been continually impressed with the quality and taste of the produce. They have provided us with a discount code (crossfitlondonuk) that knocks a full 10% of the price, too!



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