WOD 7th November (am & pm)

07 Nov

I believe this was a main site WOD from a few weeks back. Thought we’d give it a go today:

  • 300m row
  • 20 Push press (60kg/40kg)
  • 300m row
  • 15 Push press
  • 300m row
  • 10 Push press
  • 300m row
  • 5 Push press

The dagnabbit-my-rower-isn’t-working-coach substitute is 20 burpees. So there.

14 thoughts on “WOD 7th November (am & pm)

  1. some of the morning guys managed this in 10 to 14 minutes. i had decided to do this as a 12 minute cut off, before it took me 21 minutes! Not quite sure if 8 people can do it at the same time, so will probably split the groups in 2 one lot back squats while the other “wods” then switch. ( also waiting for 2 new PM2/3 monitors!!). open to group choice on a session by session basis.

  2. Guys, a bit off track but anyone know where to get a decent set of gymnastic rings and roughly how much the cost?

  3. Clean 1RM 52.5 kg PB.

    WOD 35kg 18.50 (I think)
    Going to have horrendous bruising on my neck from the battering it took tonight!

  4. 35kgs and an epic 24 minutes. Would have been way faster but my technique failed me… big thanks to Naim for being a great coach and getting me through the last 10mins and fixing my lazy hip extension.

  5. Bruising on my collar bones is already visible and my arms hurts like hell.

    Great WOD: Rx 13:26

  6. Great WOD 12.30 I think rx…….having some metal issues on the squat clean, I could power clean 80kgs + no problem at all but when i tried to squat clean it I failed massively MASSIVELY.

  7. @Kat – check my bruises on facebook! Brie too.
    Collarbone battered with up to 52.5kg about 10 times, followed by 35kg X 50 times. No wonder!

  8. 10.45 using 45K for push presses. I seem to be able to perform okish at the shorter rows…

  9. 9:47 for me RX’d.
    Well done Janis, it seems has found some aerobic capacity to go with his brute strength. No one is safe!
    re: cleans. practice Colm, practice. The squat clean requires more skill – coordination, agility, balance than the power clean. It also takes guts to get underneath a heavy moving bar.
    Work on it from a lower weight. Get the bar as high as you need to, ie avoid catching it high and riding down into a front squat.
    My SC is still a work in progress and 1RM is less than PC. Will be training SC at strength catchup session on Sunday if you are around.

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