WOD 9th November (am & pm)

09 Nov

Nothing complicated about this one; ‘just’ pull, jump, rinse and repeat.


3 rounds for time

10x deadlifts (at 115% of bodyweight)

25x box jumps (green/blue)


It’s a good day to be tall and light weight…

Fastest time in 06:30 session: visiting crossfitter, Henry: 4:47 with 80kg on the bar.

6 thoughts on “WOD 9th November (am & pm)

  1. If there was ever a WOD designed to turn your legs into overcooked spaghetti – this is it. Was feeling quite weak and pathetic before I even started.
    76Kg and a painful 10+ mins.

  2. 2 top awards

    Brian for getting a fantastic 3.29 and for kate for getting through a workout with 75 box jumps.

    good job

  3. this was a good work-out for me

    also did Grace after – relaxed style. Interested to know what other people’s grace times are if anyone knows? As rx’d

  4. Haven’t done grace before but keen to try.

    Also want to try some of the longer wods like murph etc (once not as a regular every week thing obv)

  5. 5:23 Grace on 19/09/11
    Neil did 3:59 from memory
    would love to do Grace again, as well as Isobel. Pat I’d also like to do a longer WOD I’ve never done Murph. I’ve never even done Filthy Fifty or Angie.

  6. i did Grace in about 5.30, but it was my second work-out in a row so i didn’t push it. How about we do a Grace/isobel off one session?

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