WOD 28 Dec 2011

28 Dec

A busy class with lots of hard work to get done…

Warm up: COMMANDO! – lots of overhead squats, crawling through legs and sprinting fun!

Death by pull-up: 10 mins

Double-unders / walking lunges
1 min each, 3 rounds

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Hang power cleans
front squats

It was a pleasure to cover for Andrew tonight 😉
Well done everyone! Here are your times…

Devinn (28/23) 15.31
Chris (RX) 15.28
Both visitors from the USA –  good job you guys!
Ashleigh (20/15) 12.04
Mac (40/30) 12.06
Adrienne (RX) 14.31
Brian (RX) 15.31

New years day WOD warning:

26 Dec

Hi all,

Ive had several emails about the agenda for the New Years day wod.

We will kick off the new  year with a Crossfit total. it will be a nice opportunity to set some bench marks,

So come and find out what you 1 rep Deadlift,  Back squat and Press is.

Christmas day: 25 December wod.

25 Dec

It’s Christmas morning. The carols are sung, the leg of lamb is garlic-and-rosemaried(?) ready for the oven, and our home WOD is done and dusted.

WOD AMRAP 15 mins
10 walking lunges/15 pushups
Walk up 9 floors
20 squats

Have a wonderful and happy day. The gym is open for classes tomorrow, so see you there if you can negotiate around the tube strike.

Post your Christmas WOD to comments

God bless us, every one…..xxx

Saturday 17th December 2011

17 Dec

Not long now for the big weekend of festive feeding. Work hard now so you can enjoy guilt free gorging!
Strength 3 Strict Shoulder Press every minute on the minute with a weight close to your 5 rep max.
A bit different this one.
5 times 2 minute rounds of 15 dumbell thrusters 30kg/20kg 10 burpees and maximum dumbbell cleans. One minute rest. Score the number of dumbbell cleans.
It is my last Saturday before Crimbo so all have a really great time with your loved ones. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Tuesday 13th December (foundations)

13 Dec

Warm up consisted of some KB walking lunges, squats and sit up.

Then skill and strength component of tonight was deadlift and overhead squat.

After a little practice of double unders we have moved onto the main WOD:
20 DU (or attempts) to buy in
then 3 rounds of 400m row
7 deadlifts
5 ring push ups
20 DU (or attempts) to cash out

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