And Neil nearly got his first double under

19 Jan

Thursday 19th January after a very hectic day for me it was nice to see some friendly faces.

Nice and varied session tonight. We have started of with a two tabata sessions for a warm up. First one nice and simple squats but with the rest at the bottom and second tabata full of double unders (or at least skipping).

Some tips have been given to our visitor Jerome from Germany (great work and hope the teaching points will help you with your double unders) and some to our newcomer Katy from Vancouver (she is staying for next 9  months and coming back on Saturday so I did not scare her off – win).

Strength part consisted of either Strict press or back squat interlinked with 50 GHD sit ups or assisted/negative pull ups for those who do not have a pull up.

WOD: 5 rounds for time

10 bodyweight deadlift

10 ‘heavy’ish KB swings

10 toes to bar to pull up or 15 burpees for those who do not have a pull up


Well done everybody see you all next week!


3 thoughts on “And Neil nearly got his first double under

  1. Respect to Pat for doing 100kg deadlifts (he’s not that fat..!) and 32kg KB swings.

  2. yeah well it was only a matter of time with the amount of pressure you gave me! thanks for forcing me. Workout was hard and the 100kg deadlift destroyed me for days!

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