Clean and Jerks, followed by 30 Muscle ups for time

06 Jan

I hate programming muscle ups as most people struggle with them and the session always seems to lack pace. So we accepted that most would struggle and discussed and practised all the preparation drills for the muscle up: and gossiped. Some great information flew around the Gym. Top of the gossip  list was ” did you know you have to have “cake cutting music” at your wedding reception. Lindsay and Alex  shared that their cake cutting music was Crystal Nights by the Foo fighters.


Anyway, we had some interesting clean and jerk practise and we kicked off with 3 max sets of push ups. So it was jolly good Fun. James from Crossfit Northside ( Brisbane, Aussie land)  joined us for a quiet  lunch time class and popped out a load of muscle ups, while the lovely Sally Dixey, (with the teeeny Sebastian) started her journey back to full fitness. Inspirational stuff.


Good  Job to Cameron, Paul and Janis for some great muscle ups, and well done to everyone else who showed a lot of patience dealing with the drills. For some muscle up hints have a look at this little video


3 thoughts on “Clean and Jerks, followed by 30 Muscle ups for time

  1. Andrew…..Its ‘At Home’ by the Crystal Fighters – from Star of Love – the album of the summer. What else would you cut cake to? The rest of the album is more suited to Crossfit workouts…..apart from the Muscle Up Slow Death WOD. Try ‘I love London’ and ‘Solar System’.

  2. Especially with the word “CrossFit” becoming so mainstream these days I think it is easy to forget the real roots of this movement. This special strength and conditioning program was not created so you could obsess over your CrossFit details. It wasn’t created so you could agonize over your muscle up turnouts, your max rep hand stand pushups, your overhead squats or which shoes are best for transitioning from double unders to back squats. CrossFit also wasn’t designed to be the next popular “fitness craze” which is really just the same diet/fitness crap, so-you-can-look-skinnier-plan, that personal trainers have been taking people’s money for for decades. CrossFit was set up as a General Physical Preparedness plan. The movements were chosen and the program was designed, to have the most powerful translation to outside life.

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