Double Trouble!! And a lot of ruddy work!

25 Jan

So last night I thought I would lash the regulars of “TOM’S TEAM TUESDAYS” up with a particularly inclusive workout that myself and the CFL team had a go at on Saturday!

HOWEVER!…We scaled slightly in order to spend a little time giving everyone a heads up on a few rope climbing techniques and what I would recommend as well as 10 minutes to play! Scaled reps appear to the right in (…)

“Double Trouble”

In pairs, with only 1 person from each pair working at any one time, complete the following for time in order.

6 Rope Climbs (4)

100 Double Unders (75)

50 Power Cleans @ 60/40 kg (30)

100 Wall Ball Shots 9/7 (75)

50 HR Push Ups (30)

100 Kettlebell Swings 24/16 (75)

50 Pull Ups (30)

100 Box Jumps 24/20 (75)

50 Squat Snatch 35/25 (30)

100 Sit Ups (75)

6 Rope Climbs (4)

1km Run (800m)

I think we can all agree that the squat snatch in this workout were about as needed as the dumbbell squat cleans in the “LumberJack 20” Hero WOD! No Requirement!

Shout outs to Paul, Alex, Trev and Christina for embracing the rope climbing technique of legends!

After Yuri and Janis’ heroic effort to finish the WOD in sub 30 mins, the CFL team had some serious work to do!

Firstly we got nice and mobile and every was left to crack on with their own individual raw strength element. Then we had a strict timeframe to stick to! I thought it would be a good idea to put the last 3 days worth of Mainpage workout into 1 hour!


7 RDS for time (10 min cut off)

7 Deadlifts @ 100/60kg

7 L Pull Ups


Press 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2 on the min


7 rods for time (10 min cut off)

7 Front sqauts @ 75/50kg

7 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

YUK! Post times and comments…



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