Hip Dominant…!!

11 Jan

Tom’ s Team Tuesdays Continues with a go at the Final Workout of “The Riot”

Team Chipper

For Time:

50 Box Jumps

50 sit ups

50 Deadlifts 60/40kg

50 Double Unders

50 Back Squat 30/20kg

Each member must complete all reps, first member starts on box jumps, when he has moved onto the sit ups the second member can start. Time finishes when the last team member has down the last back squat.

All of our teams conveniently had 4 members and all teams finished in under 25 mins! 1730 team came out on top with 21 mins, team ultimate: 23 mins, team zero: 24 mins.

Good to see the old boys back! You know who you are! Excellent performances from Lesley and Pat from team zero, although both not the most mobile or experienced, they showed great determination to come out on top!

Always great to have visitors aswell at CrossFit London! Dan jumped in for Tuesdays WOD from Aus! Hope to see you again if your back in town dude!

As for the CFL Team WOD…?


20 Min AMRAP

2 Muscle Ups

4 Hand Stand Push Ups

8 2 pood KB swings

…say no more!


8 thoughts on “Hip Dominant…!!

  1. So, Tom – were we faster because we were fitter or because we have a superior strategy?

    I really like work-out strategy stuff, so am interested to know your thoughts on this …….

  2. Tom’s Team Tuesdays seem to be followed by Pat’s No Stairs Wednesdays. Fun workout though

  3. strategy was for the fattest most unfit person to go first, and not last. theory being the fitter dudes would cycle through the exercises quicker and minimise the marginal time to complete each round at the end. made sense to me anyway …..

  4. I think the strategy worked well for you phil but I think you got the fastest time because you were the biggest team so you could handle the weight on the deadlifts alot easier. Bloody good effort seeing as you are just getting back into it!

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