Levers, front squats, and “something for the weekend”

20 Jan

So, we kicked off  with some double unders, followed by some levers (some with some assistance: some with a lot of assistance) , flag and handstand walk preparation practise.

Then it was on to 4 sets of front squat, 3 reps, cleaned. In between you had to do some weighted pull ups and accumulate 30 GHD sit ups.

Then it was “something for the weekend: a cheeky triplet of  40kg

sumo deadlift high pull

power clean

push press

21, 15, 9

Well done all, as always

2 thoughts on “Levers, front squats, and “something for the weekend”

  1. ‘scuse me! (wags finger) I did it RX at 30kg (not 25 as it says on the board)
    Had a horrible time, thanks baby x

  2. Yes< i can prove Kate did Rx… What a horrible WOD, for unknown reason the first set of SDHPs slowed me down massively. Well never mind, something to work on in the future. Great class!

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