‘Mobility” as Blood sport: a stretch and a wod.

09 Jan

Well, for the 1st time ever, I opened one of my Crossfit London Wods with some mobility. I swallowed down the taste of sick in my mouth and did some floor squirming. Its not because i hate stretching ( I do), but I’ve always seen poor quality “fitness leaders” while away 30 minutes of a class with facile stretching routines, that i felt it was basically a con.

In our early stages I saw flexibility  improvements from practising the squat and our core movements, but, i think once people get more elite, a dose of flexibility could be just the ticket. I was lucky enough to spend part of this weekend with a yoga friend of mine. He put me right, explaining how gentle co operative stretching fuses the mind body and soul together. However, as he cannot squat, or deadlift, is overweight and ill ( like most yoga people I meet), i threw all this advice away until he  presented ” flexibility” in a context he knew I would understand “Andrew” he said ” you need to speak to your special inner being”  ” take a deep breath let it out slowly ……and unleash the inner violent  pyschotic disturbed sociopath that lives there”. It then hit me:  Mobility as a blood sport…

So, the Samson stretch, held for  60 seconds ( or until blood seeps out of the joints:) followed by a bit of floor squirming: the local legs bums and tums club would have given me a cuddle.. Then it was 3 rounds of 3 front squats (cleaned) with pull ups for rest ( kipping or weighted or negatives for those with wibbly arms)

Onto the main event based on a games WOD

9 X 70kg deadlifts

12 X Push ups

15 X tuck jumps

amrap 15 minutes. Some great scores, well done.


8 thoughts on “‘Mobility” as Blood sport: a stretch and a wod.

  1. Absolutely brilliant session Andrew. Love the mobility part, although I was expecting to hear the kind of noises one hears when you joint a cooked chicken. Still feeling the benefits of the Sampson stretch.

    The WOD was great too – feels fantastic to have finally sorted the dead lifts with the help of you, Chris and Colin.

  2. woah woah woah. in the same way that all crossfitters are non paleo-vibram-wearing culty meatheads, all people who do yoga are not ‘overweight’ and ‘ill’ !! and yeah they may not care about deadlifting, but they can definitely squat (but they call it chair pose). they also benefit from such other crossfit endorsed moves as headstands and handstands, full bridge (backbend), and hell – it helps keep you back, core and spine happy for explosive movements in crossfit.

    somethings in life need to be done fast and some things slow. x

  3. First time actually doing the full quota of deadlifts in a wod in over a year, part down to the mobility owrk, really helped, plus the endorphin rush after doing the mobility is quite nice.

    an idea to get junkies off heroin, mobility followed by a slight high perhaps, just want to put that out there.

  4. Personally I don’t see a lot of carryover between mobility and crossfit. If that were so the perfect form with the pvcs would translate to the best performance on lifts and metcons. That said I’m hugely inflexible so am doing ten mins a day as part of training programme for the Throwdown so hopefully will see some benefits conme feb 🙂

  5. I love both crossfit and Yoga Brie i agree! Patrick have you still been going to your Bikram class on a sunday? xx

  6. Yes thanks Kirsty but not been making it every week. Was fun and not that I was deliberately trying to notice obviously but I thought the predominantly female class were in pretty awesome shape. So I’d diasagree with Andrew there.

    I was pretty rubbish at yoga though. Going to try and go once a week in 2012. Problem I have is I am quite faddish. Quite addicted to boxing now for example 🙂

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