Monday PM 30th January – Snatches Sally’s Way

31 Jan

You maybe asking yourself “What is Sally’s way?”

With Kettlebells of course!!!

After a quick warm up of high knees and stare outs. I hit you with a mini wod or extended warm up as I am calling it.

In pairs we were looking for the Last Dudes Standing out of squats and push ups, ring dips and swings and finally tuck jumps and burpees.

With the cockles warm the next section was working on comfort zones or rather out of the comfort zone with a spot of KB snatching.

We had Pb’s in every class. I was well impressed.

Mentions go out to Kate P. who snatched a 20Kg.

Kate C. who smashed it with a 16Kg

Adrienne and her awesome 24Kg.

Yuri attempting 32 after much persuasion.

Janis throwing about the 40 like it was jelly.

Finally a tidy little WOD of 3 rounds

3 min amrap with 40 sec rest

20 P Press

10 Ring dips

20 Squats

Go team Whoop

One thought on “Monday PM 30th January – Snatches Sally’s Way

  1. Thanks Sally, great class. Hadn’t tried snatching heavier than a 12 in yonks, so was chuffed to get 16 then 20 😉

    Adrienne, you’re a lady beast!

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