New Year New Beginnings

07 Jan

I turned up early today to ease out the stiff legs from yesterdays run I found the beginers class jam packed and our very own Crossfit London team training in the back room.  Fantastic! This year is going to be even better.  I was even more heartened to hear some of the great improvements that have been made by the Crossfit London regulars over the last year.

So on with today.  We started with a strength WOD of 10 minutes. 3-5 strict pullups every minute on the minute.  We played with different versions and discussed why strict pullups are so important.  Simply put they make you stronger and this translates into so many other things.

The main WOD was a barbell complex

5 minutes of dead lifts

4 minutes of hang power cleans

3 minutes of front squats

2 minutes of push jerk

1 minute of  full squat clean and jerks

The suggested weight was 40-50kg/20-30kg

A fantastic effort all round.

We discussed some future goals and challenges.

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