Teams, cults, elitism, inclusion, getting a slushie in the face – and a goat-free day

08 Jan

Steven and I have dreaded this day: it was the one where we began setting about creating a team and a competitive wing to Crossfit London, with all the problems that involves. We have gamed nightmare scenarios where team members roam around the corridors of Crossfit London, throwing slushies in  the face of  the “yet to achieve team status” members.

Obviously we have taken all the proper precautions: We removed the slushie machine…

As you can imagine, for an affiliate run by a leading business consultant and a 50 year old (51 year old), we don’t go leaping and prancing at every passing whim. We sit down,consider, plan, consult etc etc:

So we had been laying the foundations for a (and this is an exciting sexy, work in progress title)  “Level 2”. The idea being to push those people who who have reached a certain standard, and/or create a controlled competitive environment, while at the same time supporting the development of all, including the whole of our diverse coaching team. More of this in the weeks to come (although your feedback is, as always, welcome).

Like all plans of mice and men, something happens to “stuff them up” (here I’m playing to our Aussie members… thats colonial slang that is: I’m bonding here). At very short notice the SICFIT London Throwdown was announced and enough of our  members scored high enough to form a team, and go along and compete in February (well done, clap clap!)

Obviously we have  to throw some more opportunities to support them, so for the next  4/5 weeks Tuesdays at 19:30 and Saturday at 13:30 are going to be experimental competition sessions: All who can do RX workouts will be welcome, (we need you to push the others along) but we will need to give priority to those who are competing, so if you sign up but one of  the team cannot get in to those 2 sessions, we may ask you to go for another class. We will have to play it by ear.

At this stage I have no idea what the atmosphere of these next few  sessions will be: but they could be aggressively different from normal classes: Certainly I can imagine that there wont be much “teaching”. I can clearly see that there may be a need to try and do two WODS in the same session. So be warned.

So that’s “sort of ” whats going on. This is our first foray into the world of Crossfit competition, and I think the guys and girls who qualified have done fantastically. As a target, I’d like them to aim for this: a 5% improvement in their personal performances. In other words, I don’t care where they come in the rankings, simply giving it a go is fine. We all know that most of us are only just getting RX weights across the board, and we all have “goats”. So we can only pray for our team that their goats are away on the day, and that the event organisers send only nice things to our lovely team members.

So that’s the short term : you’ll hear more of the long term plans over the next month, including how we plan to individualise goals, set targets and support everyone at Crossfit London…exciting times ahead!



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