The Crossfit London Challenge at Seni (June 2/3 2012)

20 Jan

Seni is a massive martial arts and fitness event held at the Excel Centre ( Docklands) . This year, Crossfit london has been invited to run an area with the aim of giving both the public, and pre vetted  competitors, the opportunity of “Strutting their Stuff”.

For the “passing public”  we will have lots of easy to join in challenges: max pull ups challenge, max ring dips, fastest 500m row, even a  250m row, 10 pull ups (as many rounds as possible in 5 minutes) mini wod. As you can see, these are fairly “safe”  moves that we dont have to teach in advance. Obviously we will  attempt to arrange as many Crossfit friendly sponsors as possible so we can give prizes to the top scorers ( this is work in progress).

However, the focus of the weekend will be to discover who has the fastest Fran. For those who dont know, Fran is a classical Crossfit couplet which combines , for men, a 42.5kg (30kg for women) thruster and pull ups in the following rounds: 21, 15, 9.


However, bearing in mind our love of comparing like for like, we will have 3 sub categories

Fastest Butterfly kipped Fran

Fastest “normal” kipping Fran

Fastest strict pull up  Fran.

Obviously there will be a categories for women, and older folks

To decide the competitors for the weekend, we will run an on line competition, and probably charge a modest £5 to enter. ( you’ll need to submit a video for verification or be signed off  by a Crossfit affiliate)

Importantly, this isnt just about a small group of tough people, we will also be giving prizes for the biggest improvement in  your Fran time between mid Feb, when the on line qualifiers begin, and mid May when the final comnpetitors will be invited to take part. Everyone is welcome to enter.

Each month we  will encourage competitors  to re submit their score ( you dont have to, you can keep it quiet and play your cards close to your chest) and we will delight in any improvements. If you try Fran out and it takes you 15 minutes, well done. Hopefully, we can get you down to 9 minutes. Obviously, as in real life, the limelight of the day belongs with the “sub 4 minuters”, but, what if you can get the biggest improvement….

We will get around to  publishing how you can get involved, be it as a competitor, a supporter, or a sponsor in a few weeks time

For now, if you want to pre  register your interest in competing, drop me an email on

As if thats not enough, the Crossfit London coaching team will be delivering some elements of their  REPS CPD workshops, so if you are an exercise professional and you want to get some extra  CPD points, this will be the place to come.


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  1. Hey, just came across this while serching for CrossFit Events around the UK and i’m wonderinng if i’m a lil’ late to sign up for this?

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