Thursday 12th January (evening classes)

12 Jan

Tonight’s class started with a 5min warm up of 30s off 30s on kettlebell swings.

In 30s complete 15 KB swings then rest 30s. Repeat 5 times. Unfinished swings will be competed as burpees at the end of the warm up.

Strength: Deadlift and weighted/negative ring dips

WOD: Complete 100 thrusters (60% 1RM). Start every minute with 10 double unders or 30 single skips.

Cut off time was 15 minutes.


Well done everybody tonight. See you all next week.

7 thoughts on “Thursday 12th January (evening classes)

  1. Hard work indeed. Destroyed my lamb mix kebab aftwards……would have probably eaten a whole raw lamb had it been on offer.

    Kat – it’s a week today that I got my first DU so i am pretty happy with my result. It’s good to have a leveller Wod from time to time!

  2. Well done Alex and also to Christian and Allan for DUs in the row. Good work guys.

  3. Haha, it does too! Except my weight was way lower than yours. Double unders slowed me down, but did do some good runs. Now I’ve got my own rope they are only going to get better!

  4. the 24kb bells are heavy! warm up almost felt like a WOD! hehe

    I only got the DUs on the 13th minute haha, but at least now i know i can string a few of them together 🙂

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