Thursday 26th January (evening classes)

27 Jan

Short star run as a warm up was followed by a series of snatch drills. Some deficits were found and repaired and then we could move onto the strength sets of snatch (squat/power). Throughout the session there were 25 GHD back extensions and 25 K2E to be completed.

Main WOD was a nasty one:

Fran (10min cut off time) followed by 3min rest followed by 40-30-20-10 of

double unders

box jumps

KB swings

25mins cut off time


Well done everybody see you all next week!


3 thoughts on “Thursday 26th January (evening classes)

  1. 2 WODs in one night, what more could anyone want! All round killer, loved it

  2. adrienne, excellent job in finishing fran 2 seconds off the cut-off time!

    i might regret this but….. can we do this one again?

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