Tuesday 24th January (foundations)

25 Jan

Tonight started off with a gentle set of tabata squats with the ‘rest’ down. Some lovely painful faces throughout the class.

Skill followed by strength was a practice of clean and jerk alternating with some (negative) sets of ring dips.

Main WOD was a team work. We have determined the team by picking the names from the ‘hat’.


WOD in pairs: one person working the other one is resting/supporting/shouting/getting ready for next set

complete as many reps as possible in the minute of following:

1min KB swings (1 min one teammate 2nd min another teammate)

1min sit ups

1min pull ups

1min burpees

1min skips (mainly singles as no one was brave enough to attempt doubles even though these were triple the points)

complete 2 rounds, easy in total one person only worked for 10mins



Team Awesome – Deborah and Daniel total reps 782 + KB weight 28 = 810

The Waltens – Kathy and Paul total reps 695 + KB weight 28 = 723

Oh Sh*t – Olga and Marco total reps 640 + KB weight 20 = 660

Best individual score goes to Deborah with 433.


Well done everybody see you all next week.


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