WOD 12 January (AM)

12 Jan

Strength: overhead squat warm-up, then snatch balance 3-3-3-3-3

Skill: thrusters

Finisher: 30 unbroken thrusters – choose your weight!

We hit up some thruster refresher work today, slowly adding weight to the bar and focusing on something different each set of five reps:


If you can make out point 6 you will see it says flat foot throughout. This was something I wanted to play with, coach Jon Gilmore of Again Faster suggests that coming up on to the toe compromises balance and the laws of physics would dictate that momentum is governed by time of contact and area of contact i.e. you’ll generate more momentum by keeping the foot in full contact with the floor throughout. He also throws in that it shouldn’t be any different from the air squat, and you wouldn’t come up on your toes for that movement.

It all feels like it should make sense. However, the key to athletic power is through training the triple extension of the hip, knee and ankle. By keeping the foot flat you’re effectively downgrading to double extension and muting the power output. When the athletes tried it, the verdict was that keeping the foot flat made it much harder (not necessarily a bad thing) and that the wrists began to hurt because they had to take up the slack for the loss of power (a bad thing). Have a play with your technique and see what you think about this one.

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