The Wednesday runs are back at Crossfit London

29 Feb

Whether its carrying a 10kilo sandbag, or just yourself, The wednesday runs are back for the rest of the year, along with a  dose of good old fashioned Olympic weightlifting. Combined with Andrews loves for gymnastic moves. Expect to handstand , “pop and drop” and run: like the hoards of hades are behind you.

Tonight s Wod time was a 20 minute amrap of

20 double unders

15 ring dips

15 Toes to bar

Star run ( im still is a furious argument with Toma as to how far a star run is).

Great Fun and well done

Yesterday’s website downtime

29 Feb

Yesterday morning, the company who provides our web hosting service had their servers hacked. This caused many of their hosted websites (our included) to redirect to a malicious website that installed range of viruses and trojans onto the host computer. The attack seemed to target machines running Windows, and probably focused on Internet Explorer – I saw no effects running my Mac.

Needless to say, as soon as I was alerted to the problem I took steps to take the site down, until our website patched the problem (easy afternoon).

However, at least one client had their computer ‘hosed’ by this attack and I have no real way of telling how many more people may have been affected.

So, if you visited the website between, say 2200 on Monday evening and 1000 yesterday could you please run a virus/malware scan to ensure that you didn’t pick up a nasty little dose.

Note: this attack didn’t affect any of the website files themselves, nor did it affect the Mindbody Online booking system (which is hosted elsewhere).

Saturdays Paleo Party at Kirstys

28 Feb

Fancy spending an afternoon with some Zone and Paleo food experts, a paleo mad chef, and a nutritional therapist? Well we at Crossfit London have hunted down a group of fun food folk whose brains you can pick for free on Saturday (3td March)  at “Kirstys flat” ( 4 minutes from the gym)

This is a food and Fun party so feel free to bring  paleo or Zone snacks for other people along with paleo friendly booze (for those whose lent challenge has not reduced booze to nil) or just a healthy drink.

This is partly  social, but its  also 2 hours of “how to” sort your diet out, great cooking tips ( including kale crisps!!),  nutritional advice , weighing and food storing tips

You can book your place in the class schedule ( its free to  members). We will send the address out on Friday,  but a group of us will assemble at the gym and leave at 1.50 to walk around together. The event goes from 2 till 4!

Hope to see you there. ( or at the gym at 1.50)

Good Luck with the Lent Challenge


Extra Classes ( especially foundations)

27 Feb

Hi All, especially foundations.


We are looking to put on more foundation  classes asap: we  will be talking to the trainers about times. You will notice Chris now  has  a morning foundations session, and Ill try and do one on Sunday at 11.30.

As a quick question, for all the late people out there, if we added a 8pm on wednesday (to the main class) would  people go?

WOD 27/2/2012

27 Feb

Warm up
3 rounds of:

300m row ,5 Burpees ,10 lunges

Find your 5 rep max Dead Lift
Then for time with 5kg less than you 5 max
3 Round of:
5 DL, 10 Sit ups, 10sec Handstand hold

For dessert 🙂
Crossfit Games Open WOD #12.1
7 Min AMRAP of Max burpess

Another i-course day

26 Feb

We had another great  i-course day. So good that Ryan And Ian celebrated by banging out a few muscle ups at the end. Good Job!.

As normal we stomped through drill after drill, doing what we do best, which is breaking stuff down. It was a bit nerve racking for some of our newer trainers who were subject to a lot of “on the spot” critique as part of our ongoing improvement policy.

Another long day with the audience giving 100% concentration. Well done

Massive waiting lists, empty classes: the cancellation time is increasing to 12 Hours

26 Feb

Hi All.

We are delighted that Crossfit London is going so well. However, we still have a growing problem of people holding onto class places until the last minute, then cancelling without consequence under our generous ‘no penalty’ policy. It means that no one else has the opportunity of taking the place and, and as we pay our instructors based on class attendance, it directly demoralises our teaching team.

Unless there is a point I have not considered, I am going to move the cancellation window to 12 hours before the class, with effect from Wednesday 29 February. This is still  a substantially generous cancellation period when lined up against other gyms in London. This means that unless you cancel your class place within 12 hours, you will still be charged for the space . This will give others a chance of grabbing your slot in the class.

Free Will

25 Feb

Saturday 25th Feb 2012

The Crossfit Open has started, max burpees in 7 minutes. Remember that challenge we did?  Well well well….

Today I am throwing the floor open for clients to chose their strength movement.  Its something that may come up in the future as we tweak our programming.



Sumo Dead Lift High Pull, Kettle Bell Swing and Push Press.

Lots and lots of talk about the Lent/Paleo/Zone challenge. I am learning more and more everyday. Keep up the mutual support and feed back guys!

PS. From time to time I post this link to friends very worthy cause:


Push Press Fun

24 Feb

Whilst lunch time was devoted to a second chance to try the  Games open wod the evening rolled on with this lovely Wod

10 60kg Push presses, 10  strict ring pull ups with a turn out at the bottom, row 100m, then 8/8200m, 6/6/300m, 4/4/400m.

Marvellous. Forgot to photograph the results, so do record them in comments

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