Crossfit London UK Lent Challenge Daily Diary

14 Feb

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155 thoughts on “Crossfit London UK Lent Challenge Daily Diary

  1. start preparing.

    you need to shop and prepare in advance. If you stumble out of your office for lunch, and blunder around the city hungry, you will eat crap!

    stock up on plastic containers, plan your food, have emergency snacks at work ( tin of fish, bag of nuts)

  2. just had my second lunch today and I’m still hungry! I have made good decisions in eating out though, but should plan out my meals starting next week (unfortunately my fridge is empty coming from Dublin over the weekend)

  3. Just had an experimental snack of chicken breast and carrots. It was nice.

    I’m excited for tomorrow!

    @Andrew, can we put a link to this thread and the recipe thread on the side of the page for quick access? We had something similar for the 100 days of burpees. Would be handy….

  4. DAY 1: Breaky: Two egg muffins (will I eventually get sick of these?), a handful of nuts, a small handful of blueberries – and weirdly a large handful of raw spinach and a mug of green tea. Feels a bit like filling the car up versus enjoying a nice breaky! (Don’t worry – I wont post every meal!)

  5. Breakfast: nada, easy.
    Well not really I really love my mug of tea i do about 10 cups a day. I feel like a smoker trying to give up. Still, lunch, chicken salad with sage leaves.

    I am going to try and be as hardcore as possible. I mean if its not hurting its not good for you, right?

  6. Slow cooker worked a treat last night….Beef Stew enough to last me for lunch for the next few days πŸ™‚

  7. Threw all my instant capuccinos and mochas in the bin last night. I know – revolting, but it was pretty much the last really sugary, processed, fake foodstuff in my diet. Have been drinking them for years and felt dependent on them – so it was weird to just have regular coffee this morning.

    Only an hour to lunch – feel fine, not starved.

  8. 3 pm, ok. enjoyed ny 2 blocks of bread with my egg and bacon brekkie. Up really early and could only manage a cup of tea with 1 sugar ( so balance that out in breakfast). 3 block lunch, so that leaves me 5/6 blocks for a few snacks and evening meal. Horrible to think Ive only had 4 cups of tea rather than my 9 ( but I have sugar in tea, so each cup is a block1. had a nice pile of rocket, watercress and other leaves with my lunch time mackrel, plus Pharma Pure omega 3.

    Feeling like a smug little F***er.
    Btw, Alex, you may post every meal! This is your diary, and for some, making it to the next post may be your only way of surviving this challenge. Make sure you use the information to learn.

    Lesson 1. Make friends with Kirsty.

  9. Baby – I bear good news!
    2 tsp of sugar = 1 block carb. You can have more cups of tea πŸ˜‰
    How many blocks a day are you on? I’m on 11.

  10. Kirsty, can you make Crossfit London UK size batches please? We can all turn up to the box as if its a soup kitchen.

    Last night goodbye meal of 2 pints of Hooky followed by a delicious kebab of Kofte, Chop, Shish, Lamb ribs washed down with Efes, mopped up with meaty bread seems a long way away. Love that meaty bread (as the meats are cooking, the Turkish griller periodically wipes the bread over the kebabs soaking up the juices – giving the bread a delicious meaty crunch). As Kat would say, I will miss you meaty bread.

    However, my fairly rocking salad of tinned mackerel (who knew it was so tasty?) with spinach, nuts and a pepper was delicious and cheered me up.

    An afternoon snack of a couple of nuts and an apple washed down with another mug of green tea will keep me going I hope.

  11. Ha ha this may be my new business venture….it was a treat having something hot for lunch! The main problem i have is that i have 3 tuppaware to carry around one for breakfast, lunch and my snacks of nuts and blueberrys.

  12. Had some funny looks off colleagues as I microwaved my eggs and spinach this morning. Was quite tasty though…

  13. Breakky – eggs, bacon, tomatoes, salad, black coffee
    Snack – 3 dried figs (am I allowed them) and some alomonds
    Lunch – salad with chicken, drizzled with walnut oil
    Snack – figs and canned tuna with black pepper
    Dinner – (still at work so update later)
    Feel ok it’s just the thought of no chocolate makes me sad…
    @Alex M – like it – meaty bread

  14. @kat – I ate figs when I was strict paleo. A delicious starter for entertaining is a baked fig wrapped in parma ham with just a touch of balsamic syrup (prob cheating with the last bit but whatev)

    good luck everyone!

  15. Tonight’s WOD was a near death experience, so it was a joy to have dinner after of pork steaks, cauliflower and new potatoes in lovely gravy. Hurrah for the Zone

  16. Thanks Brie, not a fan of balsamic anyway but will try them baked.
    Dinner – chopped chicken breast with peppers wrapped in egg wrap (suggested by Lindsay) with salad and tomatoes drizzled with coconut milk, walnut oil and flaxseeds. Hungry for chocolate though.

  17. Kate – tell me about it! Total train wreck of a WOD to come back to. At least I didn’t have to lift anything heavy (other than my own ass).

    Stir fry with Salmon last night which was delish – thanks Lindsay. Here’s where it starts getting weird for me.
    Breakfast DAY 2: Juicy rib eye, with some spinach, grilled tomatoes and a mug of green tea (reminds me of working on oil rigs – sometimes had my breakfast at midnight and dinner at 6am).

  18. oh yea….and I had a horrific sleep. When to be bed before 11pm (unheard of!) shattered – straight to sleep then woke up a whole bunch of times.

  19. Kat, I bought a bag of cocoa nibs to get through the chocolate deprivation – they are rocket fuel, great stuff and according to marksdailyapple website good for you too πŸ™‚ I always liked the super bitter dark chocolate so I find them really tasty as well

  20. Dinner last night – pork chops stuffed with leek and squash with roasted parsnips.
    Eggs&spinach combo for breakfast today with some fresh fruit and mixed nuts.
    Parsnip & Thyme soup as mid morning snack.
    Looking forward to homemade chicken stew for lunch.
    nuts and fruit to nibble on this afternoon…
    Am hoping parsnips are ok – I had a bunch that needed using from my veg box and I loathe throwing good food away!

  21. hey peeps

    paleo diet has become intermittant fasting for me without me really intending to

    terrible experience at work yesterday am and today. everything i like for breakfast is banned (cereal, porridge, yoghurt and granola, toast) so i just had a coffee instead. Really oddly found that got hungry by 11am as per usual but not more so than if i’ve had breakfast. Swapping latte for filter was ok actually. Mid afternoon espresso also seems to have more of a kick than with milk in

    having two bigger meals works better for me actually although i probably eat too much fruit.

    i am missing bread though πŸ™

  22. Been wondering on the fruit front, how much is too much? I’ve had 400g Strawberries + 100g nuts as my mid morning snack.

    Had a banana + 3 boiled eggs for breakie too.

  23. brekkie fine with my 60g of bread! nice lunch, 4 block mixed cold meats and a 3 block pile of salad, leaving me “tea and coffee” sugar. ( fat in a little bit of dressing and 3 blocks almonds

    Feel ok, although very disturbed sleep last night. 1st try at games wod today: 83 burpees ( id be 4th on the leader board (50-54 group) if i posted that now), Suspect I can do 13 emom, so will try for the 90/91 on saturday.

    off to prepare a fish supper for kate…

  24. I totally effed up, was halfway through a Hawksmoor jam and custard donut before I remembered that I was not supposed to be eating such delights πŸ™ Bad, bad times. Back on track now ….

  25. @raurie, Zone portions are a must i use to eat way too much fruit although i aim for low GI fruits πŸ™‚ so your berries are fine

  26. Harriet – that’s funny!
    Doing ok with my usual chicken salad/fruit/nut lunch. Normally I get pretty twitchy and hungry arounf 4, but fine today. And always amazed that when I turn up to the gym starving, I leave with food last thing on my mind.

    Burpees and fish supper tonight πŸ˜‰

  27. Let my day be a lesson to us all. Do NOT go on train journeys to Nottingham (or any other midlands destination) and back without taking packing up. Buffet cars and station platforms are not paleo friendly at all. Today I have dined on a whopping 1x crap egg muffin I ruined the other day, 2x apples and (randomly) 1x carrot. Tired and grumpy πŸ™

  28. Has anyone else been feeling really lethargic today? Yesterday I felt great, but today I’ve been hanging (could be a number of things, but interested to know if it could be my body adjusting to paleo…)

  29. @Ruairi: if you are new to paleo I think there is no need to be a fundamentalist about fruit. I switched to paleo when I started crossfitting and it took me a good month till my two lattes a day became two espressos, till my morning cereal with milk converted to salmon and eggs, till the bread accompanying my salad completely vanished and most importantly till I managed to abandon sweets which I love. How hard the switch is going to be is a function of the starting point in your diet. If it is a complete mess like it was in my case, it will already make a lot of difference if you manage to abandon processed foods, refined sugar, grains and dairy. If you tend to indulge in all these things worrying about the amounts of fruit becomes secondary. I was eating tons of fruit in the beginning to help me deal with the cravings for all the stuff that I dropped. Once I got somewhat used to the new way of eating I started slowly cutting down on the fruit. During my most extreme period which lasted about a month my mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks consisted of one apple, three almonds and three macadamia nuts. The three remaining meals were composed of about 30g animal based protein combined with a pile of low GI vegetables. Even though, I also saw the fastest weight drop, highest energy levels and fastest recovery from workouts during this period, the results already started showing pretty obviously in the fruit overload period and continued (at a slower rate) after I returned to eating in a less strict way including re-introducing starchy stuff like bananas and potatoes but keeping out grains, candies and dairy. I mean all I want to say is as long as you stick to eating fresh paleo-friendly foods you will see results and unless you are eating three kilos of bananas a day I would not worry about fruits too much.

  30. finding it pretty easy so far but i’m eating bananas by the kilo lol

    added abs routine every morning too for added monk like regime πŸ™‚

  31. all fine yesterday! broken sleep again. Decided I couldn’t be bothered to disrupt my training to seriously do games wod 1 again, so Ive posted my 83 score.

    breakfast 3 blocks scrambled eggs, 1 block ham, 3 blocks bread ( remainder blocks into my tea account!) assuming 1 block of oil in pan, so off for 9 almonds! ( and a 2nd cup of tea(

  32. For dinner I jointed a chicken and made coq au vin (half normal wine quantity with half home made chicken stock) with left overs for lunch today. Served with sweet potato mash (bake them don’t boil them – they will taste of nowt) with chopped spring onions through and a salad.

    Shocker of a nights sleep, although I have this down to Andrew inflicting glute pain (fnar fnar) on wednesday and brain wired about new projects.

    Today the cheating begins until Sunday but not until I have done 100 burpees at least.

    And I am under 85 kg for the first time since running the marathon in 2000! I was 86.6 last week. I figured my ass is my largest source of remaining blub.

  33. So this morning i forgot my breakfast…popped into pod and managed to get some scrambled egg (dairy free), Avocado and seeds Yum!! Then i got this email…

    I’m sure you’ll all agree it’s been a long week – what better way to round it off than with a slice of strawberry cheesecake?

    so i am locking myself in a meeting room, hopefully where i can get some sleep, i am super tired today and think i am getting the silly cold going around my office πŸ™

  34. So I have gone for the whole Paleo penance thing, no tea, coffee and dairy. been really interesting reading about what exactly paleo is. I now have some serious doubts and questions. But I will try and stick at this as long as possible. I too am feeling very tired in the evenings alseep by 930pm! Thought it was caffeine related but Janie got me thinking about my calorie intake and having done a count it really is too low. I have been skipping breakfast for an early lunch followed by snacking until dinner. I will think about re introducing breakfast and upping the snacks. Janie has been seriously cold turkey and she is currently writing down her experiences. I am really enjoying mugs of hot water, really odd. I don’t look like Giselle yet but its early days. I am concerned about my calcium intake, I am that age now, so looking to snack on sardines (thanks Andrew) and load up on broccoli too (thanks Janie).

  35. Breakfast: rumpsteak, salmon, pineapple, pear, teeny bit of bread (bad girl) and almonds. Strange combo, but nice 4 blocks total.

    Having weighed out boiled new potatoes (prob for the first time), I’m finding evening meals pretty huge, which is great. Feeling battered and shattered by training, but otherwise awake and responsive.

    My weigh in last sunday must have been skewed by huge meal night before and giant breakfast, as I was 4lbs lighter by the start of the challenge on Wednesday. But I’ve lost another 2.5 lbs since then. Pretty chuffed.

  36. Starting a new Day 1 today after the Donut debacle yesterday. Slow cooker has also arrived and I’m planning a weekend of stew cooking for next weeks packed lunches. (Although I’ve also discovered a mulled cider slow cooker recipe ….)
    So far today have had raspberries and cocoa nibs for breakfast, along with black coffee and coconut oil (to replace my sugar in the coffee). Looking forward to massive salad at lunch. Breakfasts at work are pretty rubbish – cereals and toast so will be bringing my own from next week.

  37. @Harriet…for breakfast i have been grabbing food from Pod you can ask for no bread so its really good, boiled eggs, but i am conscious that if i eat too many eggs it restricts my weight loss so i am going to get slow cooking and having some of that for breakfast. People in work mock me eating steak or cooked chicken in the office but its better than toast πŸ™‚

  38. Thanks Kirsty – there is a Pod just round the corner so will give it a go one morning next week.

  39. @Colin My calorie intake is too low as well due to me skipping breakfast but i dont want anything paleo as a breakfast so i guess that will have to continue. Think I may add milk in to the mix for some easy calories. My thoughts on this diet thus far are it’s just an effective way of restricting calories, nothing more. I’ll continue for lent as per the challenge but i don’t really believe in the hype on this diet at all

    GROUCHY today

  40. Yesterday I worked very late with no time (read: inclination) to cook. Settled for a kebab in the end. I went for a lamb sheesh with salad and no pitta with a bit of chilli sauce. I can’t confirm absolutely but I’d wager it wasn’t grass fed… I did enjoy it though. Paleotastic!

  41. @ Patrick…you dont want anything paleo for breakfast…whats your email and i will send you some paleo cookbooks the breakfast one is awesome πŸ˜‰

  42. @ Pat: not eating is not one of the requirements of Paleo and neither is calorie restriction. I lost 10 cm (4 inches) of my waist in about 2 months by eating 1700-2000 calories a day which is almost double of what Zone would prescribe for me.

    @ anyone having troubles to get the calories in: remember that fat is your friend. I mean don’t eat butter with a spoon, but pour olive oil liberally over your salad, eat nuts, nut butters (spread them on fruits!), salmon, bacon, avocado and drink coconut milk. If for breakfast for whatever reason you don’t want to eat eggs and (paleo friendly) sausages, bacon or salmon, you can try to make a smoothie with coconut milk. Throw in half a banana or some frozen mangoes and berries, add one or two raw eggs (if you can get over the idea) and you have a really nice calorie dense breakfast right there. Or you can experiment with paleo pancakes based on almond flour. I am not really a fan but those can be very high on calories and pretty filling too.

  43. At a mates birthday dinner last night Helen and I were informed by a fellow diner that you can die by stopping eating bread! Word of warning to all you cave people out there!

  44. @veronica- yep I know that but I was never really a breakfast person anyway. I only ate it because of all the scaremongering. Best way of me not going mental and eating fro sties by the truckload is simply not to eat breakfast

  45. Alex- like how it was the most important meal of the day and not having it was a cardinal sin.

  46. First Sunday training ride of the year without a raging hangover, thank you Lent challenge!

  47. An end to the 1st weekend ( although not a full week).

    Task: review your challenge thus far, see what you have done well ( and do more of it) and identify what you not been so good at. Are there habits? are there warning signs ?

    But, well done all.

  48. OK, so this is starting to feel better. I felt ropey for the first few days and energy levels were all over the place, but the weekend has been ok – I feel pretty normal today. I allowed myself a couple of glasses of wine but otherwise stuck to the plan.

    As far as performance in the gym goes I was hampered by a crazy work week which disrupted my schedule somewhat. Although I felt really sluggish on the bike whilst commuting to work on thurs / fri. Felt better this morning though. We’ll see how things go this week…

  49. Actually finding this quite alright now, I haven’t had any withdrawal symptoms although I think I’m eating too much fruit – will start and cut this down this week. I worked out my lean body mass etc using Kat’s readings and have set up an account on to measure how much protein, fat, carbs etc I am getting each day. Funny enough I seem to hit a wall at about 10pm – one moment I am wide awake and the next I am out for the count snoring infront of the tv, -anyone else finding this?
    Got the slow cooker fired up yesterday and have a beef coconut curry in my packed lunch today – Happy days!

  50. i was surviving tis under zone rules , thus i could have some bread, but noticed that, i can happily reduce the quantity now. its mainly a breakfast thing. I have very set ideas about what i can eat for breakfast, but they are slowly changing. I think my sugar graving did a “sneaky: yesterday and i drank 4 more coffees than i should have done, ( 4 extra spoonfuls of sugar)


    Lentpals, I have let you down, this weekend was a right off. After leaving the gym on Friday lunchtime eating the last of Lindsay’s juicy egg muffins (they are not meant to be juicy) I went to meet a group of Americans who’d flown over to London for a weekend of sport and beer.

    I managed to stem the tide of paleo abuse by not eating much of the noodle in my substantial fishy noodle soup – but there were definitely legumes involved – and beer (I have heard bitter is better than lager due to the malting process).

    The morning after I can honestly say that I have not felt so rough in a long time, devoid of energy, horrific painful doms and desperate for an egg and bacon butty. However, I dug deep and made myself scrambled eggs, grilled portabello mushrooms and pan fried salmon that I flaked and stirred through the scrambled eggs, before eating my fish oil and setting of to meet the Americans. Distinctly unsatisfied, and now with a fishy aftertaste in my mouth I was slightly worried about the day ahead.

    At midday I decided to give up and ordered myself a delicious looking burger with a delicious brioche bap and chips washed down with a pint of Youngs Special. After that, it was all downhill………a football match, a rugby match and a curry on Bricklane. I weighed in at 13st5llbs on Thursday. Last night I was a whisker under 14 stone!

    Anyway, its over now – I knew this weekend was a right off – but I am back on the Paleowagon.

    I read with interest Colin/Pats/Veronika comments on Calorific intake – its definitely a challenge getting a decent number in – something I hadn’t really considered would be a problem. Hopefully I can find some balance now after the weekend but I felt properly broken on Friday.

    @Pat – I know what you mean about breaky. But for a while now I have been questioning this logic. Surely as humans we cannot be designed to have three squares a day? I would have thought we were probably capable of working pretty well without hitting every meal – although I guess this depends on what those meals contain – and there are clearly ways of optimising performance through diet, and I always try to have good breakfast.

  52. All a bit non-paleo but to be honest doing extened high intensity endurance work sans carb is a no-no, couple of observations from Sunday morning ride breakfast of gluten free porridge, 2 slices gluten free toast with 1 banana too much coffee as usual. First hunger pangs appear after 30miles at approx 85-90% MHR. Tried topping up with ‘natural’ nut bars stuck together with honey no additives blah blah blah this resulted in initial elimination of hunger however energy levels continued to fall so allthough the bars had a high calorific value the make-up prevented them being transferred to the engine room quick enough this is an effort to try and cut down on gels, at 60 miles with energy levels still dropping had to reach for the banana and it was almost on a par with an energy gel how quickly it worked for a solid food I felt rocket propelled for the next 20 miles only needing a gel pre-muswell hill climb to get me home. Was a real eye openener how much go was available from one banana so word of warning if you aren’t working hard for prolonged periods be careful cos those suckers will go on your belly fast I don’t think I’d have one pre-wod. I’ll be carrying one in the future but only as a ‘break glass in case of emergency’ last resort but only on 90+ mile med-high intensity rides.

  53. ok – colleague has just bought a mahoooosive victoria sponge for the office and placed it on table about a metre from my desk. Must resist.

  54. Found week one easier than expected.

    No real cravings and only had a concious cheat on Saturday afternoon drinking wine with a friend in the sunshine to celebrate her new job (oh, and a glass of red on Friday with Alexs’ Yanks).

    I did feel tired and rubbish all the way through Colin’s class on Saturday. I felt lightheaded and not at all strong during the actual WOD. Granted my breakfast was only an apple eaten during the first 20 minutes of the class, but I’m wondering does it take time for you body to adjust to using different fuel for energy? I’d think it would use whatever is available but curious if there is more to it.

    Other change is I’m getting sleepy earlier around 10:30/11:00pm but waking every morning at 3ish then again at 5ish and flapping around till the alarm goes off.

    Looking forward to this week and feeling more aware of what I need to do to stick to the game. It’s all about the tuperware . . . . .

  55. I “think” that the reason behind having a 40 day challenge is that your body will adapt. If you do a 2 week challenge, your body can gladly go back to old habits ( 40 days gives you adaptation time)

    According to guys like Barry Sears, too much of our food cravings are carb carvings: and this is not because you are hungry, its because your body wants the chemical “high” that more/refined carbs have. All those English ladies having scones for high tea, were in fact getting off their faces.

    Some of us, obviously, need a big breakfast, others dont. Remember, “you” are the experiment!

    Trevor! fantastic feedback and observations, let the learning begin…

  56. Really busy weekend, and for the first time in a year it didn’t involve a weekend treat. I usually run home after the Saturday classes. One week while slowly pounding those 5k (still a crap runner) I though about the 500 cals or so I was burning, and thought about Starbucks (1 min from home) or more specifically their baked apple doughnuts. So every run ended up with a cappo and doughnut from Starbucks. Not this time. But do have to ‘fess up to a glass of wine yesterday (and today)

    I’ve got a fierce sugar craving today. Have eaten a lot of everything, but still want chocolate or something.

    1. I have this same sugar craving and also a random craving for a milky coffee πŸ™ will push through it with a nice bowl of scouse replacing potatoes with sweet potatoes x

  57. had a busy week cooking all the food I will have for the next few days. not so bad in terms of flavor and energy levels although I do crave for M&S cookies and those chocolate tubs. still having trouble in finding good snacking options for someone who has a relatively big appetite. fruits and nuts don’t seem to work for me, I will try experimenting a bit on the up coming week.

    I think everyone is having similar issues on caloric intake. good calories seem to be hard to come by when you eliminate sweets and pastry…

  58. if it helps, on the zone, you always try and take onboard the 3 major macro- nutrient groups

    ie protein/ carb/fat

    so ( assuming you know which foods you are ok with)

    a snack could be ” an egg, half an apple and some nuts. I find it helps to have all 3 elements ( mix of feeling full, slowing transit time….)
    bit of meat, bit of banana, bit of avocardo……etc etc etc.

    This and more hints at this saturdays Paleo party. Book your free space now ( its in the class schedule)

    1. I am usually paleo the majority of the time but for the challenge I am trying paleo zone and this has really helped! My first week food diary showed I was not eating enough fat so now even when I snack I make sure I include a little of protein/fat/carbs and it has helped with my craving levels and also my hunger! I am by no way strict zone and for evening meals etc I follow pAleo but for snacks the zone portions have really helped

  59. Ok peeps so observations from week one.


    Was 100% strict during the week (no bread grains or refined sugar) but bear in mind I’m kind of doing paleo plus milk in my coffee (talking americanos/filter/machiatos not lattes though) so maybe i have it easier. I also include innocent smoothies as fruit on occasion which i guess is probably not super strict. Less strict at weekend. Saturday had a burger, numerous coke refills, and some ice cream with some friends- oops!


    Played footy sunday and died towards end of second half. Very little energy. Definitely carb related as running is my strong point
    First crossfit sesh in ages yesterday in sally’s class was ok but instictively feel I’d have got a much better time with more carbs. Those wods are the types i’m most suited to. I got pretty slow and ineffcient after about twenty minutes
    Didnt notice any negative effects re day to day energy etc though. Probably sleeping a bit better

    Interesting to read all the different entries

  60. There is an argument that you do need to leave it 30 days before you see the benefit, so expect some crap wods, and some poor running times in the next few weeks….sorry. but will be interesting to see if we can get strict paleo to correspond to good performance.

  61. Back on track……

    Chris W – I see your mahoosive Victoria Sponge and I raise you a mahoosive Pork Chop from the fillet end of the loin.

    Lindsay swung by the Ginger Pig yesterday and brought three 1.5 inch thick beauties home to celebrate my bros birthday. Pan fried in fennel seed and olive oil, and then finished off in the oven for a few minutes, served with patties of sweet potato (is SP ligit?) cauliflower, onion, coriander, chilli and garlic and spinach with pine nuts , garlic and lemon juice. Awesome piggyness. They were so big that Lindsay’s doubled up as lunch today.

    Getting into the swing of other meals too – just always makes sure that there are nuts and blueberries to snack (much better I have found if you have one of each at the same time – much tastier) and some egg muffins. Also helps to have Salmon fillets to pan fry and tinned fish to chuck into a salad.

    Tending not to feel famished all the time- although I had sweet food/drink cravings after Sally’s wod yesterday. Energy levels pretty good and feeling pretty together.

    Got massive headache after Sally’s extreme ‘chipper’ and a starry back drop behind my right eye……but will put that down to the weekend and the extreme nature of “A f**k load of reps” or whatever Sally called it.

    Sh1tty nights sleep – although I have a lot on at the moment.

  62. Today is the first I’ve felt pretty rubbish to be honest, feeling super weak/faint and wobbly (a bit like how I used to feel after a bang on the head after falling off a horse), felt fine after Sally’s workout and expected to feel stiff this morning but had no physical soreness or stiffness, boy do I feel rough though. Tried snacking on nuts and raspberries but to no affect, have just scoffed an entire packet of hot smoked salmon to see if the fattiness helps. Not getting any cravings for carbs or sugar which I suppose is a good thing, usually after workouts I really want a bottle of orange juice but yesterday was fine – will be interesting to see if this continues.
    Anybody else feeling super thirsty all the time on this paleo lark?

  63. Screwed up on snack supply. There are exactly 4 almonds and one small pear between me and dinner in 4 hours time.

    I need reasons not to raid the chocolate machine. Quick!

  64. My performance in wods has been a bit ropey the last week, but not really sure it’s down to diet, probably need to give it another couple of weeks before I make judgement. Find I’m having to eat alot more volume of food to keep the calories up

  65. Hmmmm. We are talking Kitkats, Boosts, Trackers, Mars bars, y’know….
    Is it going to be an A1, top drawer, neighbours-banging- on-the-wall… er… conjugation? xxx

  66. Forgive me for I have sinned…

    This is my last week at my current job and last night was my leaving drinks do. I drank “several” pints of Guninness.

    As penance I will be beasting myself in this evening’s WOD…

  67. Remembered snacks, but forgot my box of nuts! But today a lot less hungry than yesterday, even though I’m down on fat. Hmmm…
    Spurned office birthday cake (not mine) with ease. Doesn’t make you popular though!

  68. I’m smug because I have not eaten any bread/grains, pasta, rice, refined sugar, processed foods for a week now.*

    I didn’t think it was possible.

    I feel throughout the day that I have much more consistent energy levels, pretty much from day 1. I haven’t been starving at work and have even restricted my intake of fruit and nuts.

    My body feels ‘pure’, I don’t know if it is phsycosomatic but I definitely feel my body doing good things and I genuinely feel like I could not get ill at this point in time.

    It is very hard to get the calories. I feel like weight is dropping off me. When I did the body fat % readings I only had body fat of 6.5% so I don’t really want to lose any more. But I do feel background hunger a lot of the time and I definitely will be losing a bit more weight after this.

    Training wise is a bit tricky. Ironically I haven’t been able to get down to the gym to do any WODs so hard to know.

    I did run a 10k race the other day and recorded a PB- 46 mins.. @Trev I had two large bananas first so it seems that adding bananas to calorie deprivation gives you a big energy boost… V happy with the run.

    All in all, so far so good.

    HOWEVER, this does make life boring. I love eating food and it all seems a bit joyless. I’m really struggling to justify this to friends and family because sometimes I wonder why I’m even doing this!

    I’m hoping this is ‘grass is greener’ syndrome and that by depriving myself of the crap, when I can eat crap again I won’t want to eat crap…. maybe.

    Happy Paleo.

    *Please note my cheats, I’ve been drinking booze at the weekends and eating potatoes and bananas

    1. Wicked I have not cheated either and feel really good going to bed super early though as I am really tired but am wide awake 10 min before my alarm! Loving all the fresh cooking and I am enjoying my lunches alot more πŸ™‚

  69. I’m still struggling with lunches – can take in leftovers, but there’s often no room in the fridge, and if I have meetings/travel over lunch it’s often not possible, so rather than cheat I’ve either been having no lunch or just snacking on fruit and nuts.
    Bananas are paleo aren’t they?! I’m really enjoying increasing my fresh fruit.
    Really struggling with no coffee – not for the caffeine, but my daily starbucks was my one proper indulgence, and I’m really looking forward to having that back after lent, even if we keep the rest of it going…

    ps Why is lent 46 days this year?! Did the Bible get the counting wrong?!

  70. @ Cian – good for you! If you were doing Zone, you’d be advised to X3 or 4 your fat blocks so you don’t lose too much body fat. Tell your friends you’ve decided to eat like an athlete for a while, as the byproduct is meant to be enhanced performance (sounds like your 10k time speaks volumes already!)

    I’ve already felt the benefits of even-keel energy levels – simply from not eating starchy things at lunchtime. That’s something I’ll keep up. Mind you, outside of diet challenges, the day will never come when I won’t fall on a yum-yum like a starved dog!

  71. @cian 6.5% body fat is v lean. Don’t think I’ve ever been that low. That’s impressive. I’d be happy to get to that level

    I am with you re the joyless thing. It’s not a fun way of eating. I find it hard with friends and especially guys I do sports with. It’s not eating like an athlete at all.

  72. After going out with friends last night and managing to eat Paleo I ended up getting exceedingly drunk on not very much whisky (down to lack of stodge in stomach?) feeling the affects today and trying to remain strong in the face of my usual cappocino and bacon butty cure. Is there such a thing as a paleo hangover cure because right now I can’t think of any πŸ™

  73. @Harriet – Eggs usual paleo breakfast for most πŸ™‚
    Egg yolk contain large amounts of cysteine, which breaks down acetaldehyde, one of the culprits behind a hangover, they should also give you a higher amount of energy but by week 2 you are more than likely bored of eggs as i am lol

    @Patrick – check this out! Paleo for athletes i have a copy of this if you want to borrow it…

  74. This is probably the lapsed Catholic in me, rearing up and shaking the old rosary beads – but I’ve had a thought. I might finish up the Lent challenge with an actual fast on Good Friday. I’ll have my usual 3 cups of coffee and herbal tea and water, but nothing else. Which just leaves me with 1 more day of being good (the day of weighing and measuring and photos, so a prior fast may be a good idea!)

    Have never fasted – I recall Brie and Kirsty’s experiences on doing it in Movember, so may give it a shot. Who’s with me for some suffering? (Colin?)

  75. I am with you Kate….the 24 hour fast is not that bad the only thing to note is start it in the evening. Last time i started at 3pm in the afternoon and it was torture as i went to bed hungry and woke up hungry. I think adding in 2 during the challenge is a good idea πŸ™‚

  76. The fast wasn’t that hard really. I started at 8pm – got a bit loopy at work by the end of the day. Definitely is easier being off the carbs paleo style to do it than doing it from zoning I would imagine.

    I didn’t like was it fucked with my attitude towards eating for a bit. The next day I didn’t want to eat lunch and was internally smirking and feeling superior to all of my ‘weak’ colleagues who were eating 3 times a day. I never realised there was a tiny anorexic in me just waiting to be awakened – but apparent she’s in there somewhere!

    So do it – but be careful! Lots of water and tea.

  77. The experiment continues…..
    So I promised myself some before and after benchmark tests…..a cooper test, a 10km test and a Fran. Through injury I missed out on the Fran, maybe I will try and squeeze in, I am not so sure – I am starting to care less about it.
    Today I thought I would send myself out for the Cooper test (run as far as you can in 12 minutes) but I bottled because it really hurts – I thought 10km was the one for me today. I love running, I really do – but I have had to limit my running through the football season due to a recurrence of Achilles tendonopathy (more of this later). In fact, anything like box jumps or double-unders caused me agony – to the point where I was continually subbing DUs in any workout. So other that a couple of Star runs I have run since November.
    So I set off around Hackney Marshes and the Lea valley and felt good – recorded a time of 48 minutes dead – I gave it everything – lungs were fine, legs were dead. It’s a full 6 minutes off my PB but given the circumstances understandable. I intend to repeat the 10km at the end of Lent and see what the deal is…..and I don’t intend to train (run) in between. Not very scientific I know.
    But back to the diet…..I have had a squeaky clean week of paleo apart from a tea and a coffee with goats milk once a day. I feel full of energy but have not been able to sleep…….until last night when I slept like the gods. Also, I think it has been easier for me working from home, since frying a fillet of salmon, making scrambled eggs or mixing minced lamb with middle eastern spices/pine nuts/garlic then chargrilling for my lunch/breakfast has been a sinch. Apart from beer (bitter not lager) I have been pretty much gluten free since the new year.
    Now here is the strange part – despite hammering the hell out of my Achilles – with loads of DUs (I am way to stubborn to give up – and Lindsay got a DU before me), loads of box jumps, football and a 10km run my Achilles does not hurt – AT ALL! This is a major revelation for me –the last time it felt like it did before Christmas, it needed 12 months of rehab under the guidance of Professor Hakan Alfredson – one of the top (expensive) GoTo guys for Achilles injuries. It was hellish tedious work – it is not a fun injury.
    It was weird….I was doing these activities that had caused me a lot of pain but I was not suffering. Then I noticed that the little finger on my left hand that I broke/dislocated mountain biking that is usually a cause of constant pain/aching has stopped hurting.
    What else?……my continually aching left elbow joint has stopped aching, and my habitually tight sore left side does not hurt and I can now reach over both toes by the same distance.
    So why? Not sure – none of the aforementioned injuries are new ones – they have mostly dogged me for 3 -10 years. I had just got used to them always being there. I have had a period of rest, but this has never sorted these injuries out before. I have also had a lot more time on my hands to stretch.
    Its early days, and too early to come to any conclusions but I am pretty happy with my progress. It would sound a bit freaky attributing these improvements to diet.
    Off sailing for the weekend with Lindsay – so I think there is going to be some cheatin’.

  78. So far so good.

    I’ve stuck to my pledge of no caffeine. It’s been tough as I expected, I’ve gone through two sets of jet-lag (soon to be followed by two more) and not touched a drop.

    For the first few days I had headaches but they have passed. I’ve been sleeping a lot better and waking up feeling like I’d slept, especially after a hard workout the day before.

  79. Have not posted since my over excited dive into Paleo world. I have already concluded that I am an extreme person. This was pointed out by a friend and my girlfriend. I am an on off switch not a dimmer switch. And worse one I am on I struggle to switch off. Interesting. But I did have a break from my attempt to do strict paleo last weekend. Those who are friends on facebook would have seen the photos. I couldnot have been more removed from Paleo if I tried. Over the tea and coffee thing except for one fail, the morning after a 17 hour shift. Mixed nuts and seeds are relied on heavily for snacking between meals and keeping my calorie levels up. Calorie rich food is hard to replace.

  80. Well. armed with all the evidence I have decided to join the Paleo challenge. Although my general diet has always been 90 % ‘clean’, I have been ill most of my life. I have also been a vegetarian for 17 years so this will mean all the foods that I take for granted being a no-no. I will see if I feel any healthier and if so then its a win. I am giving myself a week to get used to the idea of eating fish as I think chicken and meat would be too much of a stretch.

  81. @Tems wow! I mean really wow! Good luck with that, very brave after 17 years with no meat. Do you have a lot of high glyceamic foods in your diet?

  82. @Colin. I wouldnt say I have a lot of high glycemic foods in my diet at all. I am so sensitive to high glycemic foods that potatoes give me a headache within 5 minutes of eating them and I barely eat pasta because it makes me sleep. However, I do think my carb/protein/fat ratio is off even though I eat cottage cheese, eggs and sometimes protein shake for protein. It will be interesting to see if Diary is a problem for me (i.e if I feel better after eliminating it) as I eat LOADS of cheese and yogurt for breakfast.
    I am probably going to need hypnotherapy for the fish as I became a veggie not for moral reasons (yes. I dont care that much about the animals) but because I just dont like the taste.

  83. For me it’s day three of paleo as it took me a while to be convinced about this paleo malarky. I’m actually quite ill which might mean this was or wasn’t the best time to begin. I still haven’t got round to eating meat yet as I seem to be waiting for the best reintroduction to animals. I even realised it’s more like 18/19 years of being a veggie and not 16. Theoretically i’m convinced but we shall see what 30 days does to my autoimmune disorder, hormonal problems and my social life!

  84. Temi that is a massive undertaking that you are attempting! Good luck!! I’ve been going along quite happily now eating Paleo – realised that it’s not that much different to what I ate before minus toast/soda bread and I always had a tendency to eat cooked breakfasts so this isn’t something new, however now at least I have a viable excuse when people look at me chowing down on a pork chop at 9.30am :-). Slow cooker was the best investment by far, thanks for the tip Brie! The first week or so I was unbelievably thirsty all the time but this seems to have reduced now. Not sure about performance improvements – I’ve matched a number of PRs recently and done them quite easily but not managed to improve any (probably a mental thing) struggling more in the longer work outs for sure.

  85. Tems – good luck. Not sure how I can help – but I will if I can! Don’t expect miracles – but its got to be worth a good try.

    My mum has been struggling with a recent diagnosis of Osteo Arthritis in the hip and had been complaining of really sharp pain through her glutes. She drives a lot and sits at a desk. I asked her what stretching she had been doing and it boiled down to nil!

    I bought her The Grid – a posh foam roller

    She has started using it and has immediately started seeing relief from the sciatic nerve pain radiating through her glutes. In addition to this, she has been away and done her own research on nutrition, and has decided to follow a gluten free paleo esque diet – so I will be following her progress with interest. One more for lent!

    Apart from cheat weekends – I am doing pretty well. My weight stabilized at 86-87 kg . My fat measurements came in at 6.5% so I don’t think weight loss should be one of my goals….I strike that from the record! Not sure if 6.8% is totally accurate – although it corresponds pretty well with my Tanita inner scan scales if I set to ‘Athlete’ (if you do 10 hours of intense exercise and have a resting heart beat of 60 or less) – which isn’t far from the truth. If I don’t set to athlete it reads 18%. Go figure.

    Really not struggling with calories…..squashs and sweet potatoes are a great filler – and I made some pumkin nut muffins last night (subbed pumpkin for butternut squash). They seem a bit ‘dense’. I will let Lindsay be the judge.

    I am now wittering….

  86. Thanks Alex and Harriet for the support. I need it.
    I have got a recipe book and there are sooo many paleo recipes online! its great. I’ve been enjoying paleo baba ghanoush, paleo banana bread and i am going to make chocolate mousse (made with avocado) today.
    I’m not sure I can eat another egg though. My stomach wasnt loving it this morning. Obviously when I get round to eating meat it will be much easier. Maybe i will become raving carnivore like a friend of mine who when he stopped being veggie was so in love with meat he often put pork, chicken and beef in the same meal (ewww).

  87. probably a good time to mention that most dietary changes should be made in conjunction with your doctor, especially if you have any pre existing conditions.

  88. Hey lentmates

    Observations from week 2

    still strict aside from milk in my coffee, a few flat whites at the weekend, a coke at the cinema, and a bar of white chocolate on saturday. My word that tasted good!


    Weight 77kgs
    Bodyfat: No idea, cant see much difference
    Muscle: Definitely lost muscle in shoulders and chest


    Tired after 20 mins during filtyy 50. Not sure if that’s a function of less crossfit lately or being ill last month
    Snatch wod last weds: Pretty poor performance. Maybe for reasons above though and because I suck at olympic lifting
    Football on sunday: stamina ok but was a less competitive game and I was goalhanging
    Thai boxing yesterday: Tired after an hour. Second hour was really tough

    May tweak paleo a little so I get more carbs


    Ive changed my target weight to 70kgs ish (like Andrew I think) as we are about the same height

    Positives of eating this way as I see it are less hunger pangs, better sleep, and more nutritious diet. So I’m concluding pretty early that paleo is very good for overall health but perhaps not teh best for performance. For me anyway.

  89. @ Tems. I used to be vegetarian (only for about 4 years) and reintroducing meat took a bit of time. My only advice is start slow with white fish, it hasn’t much flavour or texture, then if you’re up for going onto meat stick with chicken for a while. The last one I could get used to was Lamb, that took me about 4 months to be able to palate it so I’d not advise rushing in there. Good for you for giving it a try, very brave.
    ps. totally hearing you on the eggs!!

  90. @Lindsey. I had planned to start with white fish this Friday. A friend is going to make me something grilled or find me a very good place to eat it. There are certain things I know I will never eat such as liver, tripe, and soft meaty things as they are just too meaty and that’s why I went off it in the first place.

  91. so glad the slow cookers are helping everyone! they better appear on the next xfit london christmas ideas list. i helped naim pick one out and he’s given rave reviews as well!

  92. It’s true, thanks to Brie I’ve gone from hardly ever cooking to constantly thinking about what delights I can throw into my slow cooker next!

    The revolution has begun…

  93. Naim, please shares some insights into your delights (on the recipe page). We have just taken delivery of a new slow cooker and it’s been sitting on the kitchen counter rather forlornly for nearly a week unused.

  94. I had a paleo chocolate and blueberry smoothie for breakfast! Was amazing. Like having ice cream for breakfast. Paleo rocks! Made with coconut milk, almond butter and bluberrys.

  95. @Alex I’ve an amazing lamb shoulder one and also a book of slow cooker curries. I’ll put the lamb one up on the recipe page over the weekend but I can bring in the books to a class if you want and you can take them home and photocopy anything that suits?

  96. So I’ve managed to do almost a week of Paleo even on an ovo diet.

    The first few days were me feeling seriously dodgy (shocking headaches and tummy upset from all the eggs) but that coincided with a very bad cough and cold so I can’t fully blame paleo for that.
    I was so tired I’ve had to get on public transport to get around but I’ve also seen it as an opportunity to rest my body and read books on the tube (I usually don’t get on it in rush hour).
    I started feeling seriously energetic about two days ago even though I still felt a bit crap and now I am feeling pretty good. Not to say I never felt good before.
    I ate some Cod last night and survived it. It was a bit unexciting to be honest but I have broken through the animal barrier (so to speak). This week I will be eating more fish and then slowly slowly to chicken even if I never get to 18 oz steaks.
    I am also reading ‘The vegetarian myth’ so even if paleo hadn’t got me this book would have.
    I will do some blood work in about a month or two and see what my autoimmune and general health situation are on paper. But I have to say so far so good.
    I will add that I have had one flat white and a small piece of 70 something percent black chocolate. Apart from that I have been following well.


  97. Good work Temi! I slipped up yesterday for the first with a flat bread sandwich. Will take that as a ‘cheat day’. This week is the cheltenham festival so a week of boozing and eating. Making a meat loaf to slice and take as a packed lunch in an effort to remain as paleo as possible at the racecourse but we’ll see how it goes :-S

  98. Blockbuster fail! Sally’s birthday dinner – got drunk, ate tons and had cake. This morning’s hangover had me fall on a doughnut and chocolate. Oh well, back on the wagon tomorrow…

  99. haha. There was quite a bit of that last night but I did well apart from the fact that my fish had some cream on it (well loads of cream) and that’s a paleo grey area. Plus I had a tiny bite of birthday cake…..
    Today discovered a cafe that looked paleo on the surface. (In the sense that everything was gluten free and sugar free. I ordered a buckwheat pancake as buckwheat is a fruit but seems that the paleo world is not happy with buckwheat so I wont be repeating that. But overall still paleoing it…

  100. Lord forgive for I have sinned.

    This weekend I ate a burger (with bun), a brownie, toast and yorkshire puddings.

    Back to it today!

  101. Started new job this week. New routine has been massively disruptve and a few naughties have crept in here and there…

  102. Still going hard core eating out is challenging, shuffling food off my plate on to my girlfriends and stealing her legit foods, skipping deserts is a pain. Still only drinking water with occassional orange juice. I have now got to the point where I realise we still have a long way to go and i am really missing some food types now. But thankfully I am a very bad loser and very stubborn so will not give in.

  103. Cheltenham was a disaster, bacon sandwiches, booze, naan bread, booze, sausage sandwiches, booze …. Looking scarily pudgy.
    Back on the Paleo bandwagon as of today though with slow cooked chicken casserole for lunch with salad.

  104. how the other half lives…… Weekend highlights
    Friday lunch: Philly cheese steak, pint o lager, some fries, and helped finish someone else’s burger at Red Dog
    Friday dinner: 2* meal for 2 to share with 2 others at Leon. Few jars o’ lager.
    Saturday lunch: chicken wings, chilli fries and the best burger I’ve ever had at BurgerLiquor.
    Saturday afternoon tea: bowl of vanilla ice cream with 3 crushed up Oreos
    Saturday dinner: bread, french onion soup, chateaubriand steak with bearnaise sauce washed down with a lovely bottle of Syrah. Cocktails afterwards.
    Sunday “lunch”: 100g Walkers Extra Crunchy Salt & Malt Vinegar crisps, 4* Sainsbury’s Tiramisu desserts.

  105. @Alex surely you’re joking?

    I’m actually convinced enough to stick to this FOREVER. I feel great and loving the steaks, chicken wings, etc.
    I’ve been really amazed to discover how narrow my cooking vision was before paleo. I am doing some amazing things with veggies now. Like the Zucchini spaghetti aglio olio e peperoncino i made this evening. πŸ™‚

    The problem is that now I have become super sensitive to non-paleo foods so when I go to restaurants and order a ‘paleo’ meal, I often feel dodgy if they’ve cooked it in something like flour so now I have to be one of those annoying people that ask what’s in the food..

  106. Got through my Dads funeral.

    (We) Ate out since saturday evening ( sat, sunday lunch/dinner) ( those 3 meals had booze ) monday breakfast.. . then skipped food (bad planning) until the funeral buffet of sandwiches and cake at 3ish. Got back to london tonight, shopped (properly) and prepared to get back “on it” tomorrow.

    Probably wasn’t that bad, but my scales are at the gym, so i wont know the damage till wednesday morning. As kate said, we are normally quite controlled that anything else seems like a binge meal!

    have though felt tired and exhausted .

  107. Not too much cheating over the weekend although a bit too much booze, that said, I am drinking way less which is a thing of beauty.

    Played for the second team on Saturday and was on fire – string, full of energy and could have easily played another 30 minutes. It’s fair to say that I was man of the match (probably).

    We had a lively Thai mussels dish on Saturday, a rack of lamb on Sunday afternoon and a fish stew in the evening…..and that’s more or less the last thing I have eaten. I am one poorly crossfitter!

    Oh yea – stayed at my mums on Thursday after attending a funeral (complete with sarnies

  108. Not too much cheating over the weekend although a bit too much booze, that said, I am drinking way less which is a thing of beauty.

    Played for the second team on Saturday and was on fire – string, full of energy and could have easily played another 30 minutes. It’s fair to say that I was man of the match (probably).

    We had a lively Thai mussels dish on Saturday, a rack of lamb on Sunday afternoon and a fish stew in the evening…..and that’s more or less the last thing I have eaten. I am one poorly crossfitter!

    Oh yea – stayed at my mums on Thursday after attending a funeral (complete with sarnies – but mum cooked Lindsay and I a delicious paleo meal complete with cake

  109. Still not well, eaten one egg muffin, a little bit of homemade veg soup (delicious Lindsay thank you x πŸ™‚ but that’s all. Paleo recommendations for food poisoning ‘comeback’ meals?

    Spotted some homework viewing for people that are interested – tonight 9pm – The truth about fat. I am enjoying the latest Horizon series – a bit dumbed-down at times but still worthwhile. The ‘truth about exercise episode 8’ was an interesting watch – even if the overall message was a tad misleading – crucially though, they applied controlled science to an important question.

  110. Was it just me or was that programme (Horizon – The truth about fat)
    a) Very boring and
    b) Very tunnel visioned?

    I felt it sent completely the wrong message that ultimately a gastric bypass was the fix for the problem for obesity.

  111. Hi alex


    Im very disappointed with both episodes thus far. seems to be saying you either have a gift, or give up.

  112. Really annoying. They did not touch upon whether or not the hunger/full hormones could be suppressed/heightened through diet or other non-invasive methods (I believe there is evidence). Or what role coaching/parenting plays in preparing the brain for maturity. Or….the discordant twins…..were their partners ‘feeders’ or very health conscious.

    Don’t completely agree about the first episode – for me the point was to scientifically prove a single point about high intensity training which they achieved. However, the conclusions and recommendations that may be drawn from the experiment were pretty dubious. Someone might walk away thinking that they only need to do 20 seconds exercise a day to become ‘fit’. whereas all they were actually saying is that you can get some of the benefits of lengthy spells in the gym by following this protocol.

    They need to change the name of the series from “The Truth about …..” to “Very Narrow Research about…..”

  113. I skyplussed these and found them pretty dull.

    @andrew I don’t totally disagree with that message in terms of accuracy

    Ignoring the psychological benefits and boosts to self esteem, and a sense of purpose (which are all valid reasons), in terms of both performance/overall health intense and prolonged exercise probably is a waste of time for a lot of people. How many people do you see, even on genuinely well designed exercise programmes, either not improve their fitness/not lose weight and be just as susceptibe to illness as they were previously?

  114. Back on track on the Paleo food, slow cooker is going flat out I’m going through veggies at a rate of knots. I think if anything my food intake has increased from pre Lent levels as I’m eating a lot more veggies and also breakfast has now turned into slow cooker meat+veg i.e. a full meal. Desperately thirsty again which I noticed the first time round after the first couple of days. Is there a reason for this that anyone can think of? It went away by the end of the first week last time so I’m hoping that it will only last a day or two this time.

  115. The doctor was on Breakfast TV yesterday, and said that only gastric bypass surgery had the effect of altering the hunger/satiety signals. Gastric band surgery did not. This was not mentioned in the programme, and neither did they explain why the mind changed when the body was altered.

    Questions/statements just left hanging in the air with no explanation. Frustrating

  116. @Kate – did you ever give the IF a go? I am undertaking one today where I had my last meal at 8pm last night and then won’t have my next one until a similar time tonight. Subsisting on green tea and coffee (black) today. Will be interesting to see how it goes and how others have found it.
    @Pat I’ve been thinking about your benefits of exercise and it’s a thought provoking one, I certainly get twitchy if I haven’t done any exercise for a couple of days and I need to keep up regular exercise or my knees seize up but the reason my knees seize is due to prolonged and intensive exercise when I was younger so it’s a bit of a circular one there. However, I am rarely sick and when I do get sick it’s because I have been working long hours, overly stressed and continuing to exercise. Generally if I stop the exercise for a week or two I get better again – but is the reason I am rarely sick because I have spent the majority of my life playing and partaking in quite physical sports and it has left me with a general healthiness? It’s all very much swings and roundabouts, would be interesting to find out what actual studies have been done on this.

  117. We went for dinner last night and I ordered a steak with seasonal veggies instead of chips while my husband ordered the butternut squash (he is still a veggie bless him) and when I asked the waitress if the veggies were done in butter she said ‘Yes but we can change that.’ I was like ‘No BUTTER IS GOOD!’

    Then when another waitress brought the food she assumed my husband was the one having the steak while I was eating the dainty butternut squash dish! Ha the look on her face when I said ‘Nope, that 8oz steak is MINE’ Priceless.

    Another thing to prove I am really indoctrinated in the cult of paleo was my dream last night. I dreamt that I caught someone stealing by bike but I couldn’t stop him as I was so ill and weak after eating a non-paleo dish!

  118. @Harriet – I’m going to do my first IF on Good Friday. Last meal will be dinner previous night, and next will be dinner on Friday. My Catholic mum would have been proud!

    Fasting should see off the adverse effects of the days cake-a-thon otherwise known as funeral attendance! There must have been 60 old dears turned out for Andrew’s dad, who had rustled up a feast afterwards. Felt quite ill from the carb bombs, but it seemed rude to turn it down. My excuse and I’m sticking to it.

    @ Tems – wow, what a turn around! Welcome to the happy world of carnivores. Are you feeling any better for the diet change?

  119. @Kate. Yes I am definitely feeling better, having a clear head, more energy and not feeling fuzzy all the time. I once wondered what It would be like to wake up and not feel slightly crap. It’s not just eating meat but the eating more fat and less carbs and feeling less hungry. I always thought it was normal to feel hungry all the time because I am very active. I did feel a bit wooly yesterday though as I had done the 6.30am workout and then cycled to Brixton and back on almost no carbs so I have to remind myself that when I am very active I need to have an emergency banana or so.
    @Harriet. Also managing to not have breakfast and feeling great to try and reduce my over-reliance on food. Also doing my first whole day fast on Monday as that’s the day I’m least active. I know it will be hard but I keep reminding myself that no-one ever died from fasting. oh wait. That’s probably not true πŸ™‚

  120. Tems….great work! Btw, butter is frowned upon, but clarified butter isn’t. But I can’t be bothered clarifying and I live butter (as mentioned last week – especially on hot cross buns and crumpets).

    Body is back to almost fully functional post food poisoning- not quite firing on all cylinders in workouts, although times/scores seem ok. BUT…..I woke this morning to be very nearly 12 stone something for the first time since Uni! My enforced fasting this week has obviously stripped out some mass – and hydration levels are back to normal.

    I think Kats calipers may have found more % fat if they had strayed to my ass -because this is where it seems to be falling off!

    So in Biggest Loser terms…..that’s a % body mass loss of 3.5% since Lent started….and I have been stuffing my cake hole (not with cake).

  121. @Alex, I know that butter is frowned upon but I am doing more primal than paleo and also it’s much better than vegetable oil when it comes to restaurant dining.

    P.s thanks for the encouragement..

  122. I had a 14oz prime Argentine Sirloin steak , Argentine-style pork sausage and black pudding. I am afraid to go to sleep as I may die from overeating.

  123. last week was pretty lousy and haven’t been to the gym due to work and bad case of stuffy nose. slipped more than a couple of times and had sugar, rice and a tub of M&S mini bites.

    no more excuses, the sun is out and the weather is getting better. see you guys in the gym!

  124. Resentful of having hour’s sleep stolen in busy weekend. Feel shattered so inevitable that I look for crap to eat. A failed Monday already πŸ™

  125. Going along grand and managing to stay pretty much paleo except for the booze. Bought a size 10 Reiss dress for the first time in my life at the weekend so must be slimming down a bit πŸ™‚ I’ve a wedding in Ireland at the weekend followed by a holiday in Sorrento so it may well be the beginning of the end for me. I’ll be continuing to remain pretty much paleo after lent though as I’ve certainly found that my recovery times have improved and I do belive that the inflammation I would get round my knees after a few days away from the gym has decreased. I think if anything that it has improved my diet as I’ve made a concerted effort to increase my veggie intake, particularly the green leafy ones.

  126. WELL DONE Harriet! And to think you weren’t interested in losing weight.

    I’ve stayed true to paleo when I am at home.
    However everytime I eat out i get massive headaches because no matter how paleo I try to be, unless I am ordering steak and veggies I suspect there is some serious unpaleo stuff in the food in the form of gluten or sugar.
    That is the downside to paleo for me. I have become SUPER sensitive to non-paleo on such a grand scale that I am forced to reducing my restaurant eating which is a shame as I love eating out. But it is worth it.

    I managed to fast only till 5pm so I didnt make the 24 hour mark. It wasnt hunger which I dealt very well with but the crazy headache. My blood sugar levels are not quite yet under control after years of carbohydrate heaven..Will get there.

  127. Have strong evidence now that me and alcohol don’t mix.
    I drink, dehydrate, sleep badly, have hangover. Try to fix hangover with chocolate and cake. Feel even worse from sugar rush and crash. Tiredness continues. Carb stuffing continues. Don’t train. Feel guilty and ill.

    But today’s a new day! All better now and back on track. Must keep eyes on the prize for the next 12 days.

    We didn’t really arrange for the “after” photos and calipers. Is it practical to do it on Easter Saturday? I’m around but not sure how many other people are.

  128. Kate you are so right about keeping an eye in the prize. I have been finding it a real drag lately. I’ve learnt my bowels don’t cope well with strict paleo, and my girlfriend is suffering from my side affects. In fact anyone within 10 metres suffers! I have leaned out massively. Back into my size 30 jeans. Nit missing alcohol. Just the odd cup of tea would be nice. Looking forward to milk coming back into my life and chocolate and cake and toast and pies and lasagne…..

  129. Ive found this whole thing very useful. Frankly its reinforced my view that for most people, the paleo lifestyle is irrelevant. Sure if you cannot eat milk or wheat or rabbits ears, dont eat them. but, for most people, the danger is over eating high calorie food. That said, I think testing if foods affect you is important. We have several members who have reported massive benefits in inflammation reduction by cutting out certain food. I suspect this is a minority reaction.

    It does strike me quite clearly that the reason why people are overweight is simply that they eat too much ( they could be super active, but with twix and mars bars packing 1000 ish calories, its easy to over eat).

    That said, its no solution to simply say, “oi stop over eating”. Food can be mixed up with emotions, stress, attitudes. That said, thats not an excuse to over eat.

    I chatted to a client yesterday ( who has kindly given me permission to summarise our conversation here) who said, ” oh i cannot help it I eat my emotions, and that horizon programme said i have a genetic predisposition” After a 10 minute chat, she decided to get some therapy so she could learn to handle her emotions ( she actually said she was going to shout at people at the office rather than bottle it up, then seek therapy if need be…).We also decided a disposition, does not justify poor behaviour. Knowing that you over eat/drink too much/ have poor moral control/ like gambling etc etc merely means you take more precautions .

    Many people need to give excuses. Fine! We accept them, then ask what they intend to do about it!

    Judgement is destructive. Its the action plan that counts!


  130. @Colin – this is what I’ve been waiting for:

    @Andrew – I found it very useful tp try, it actually wasn’t that much a change in eating for me having been brought up in a rural, traditional farmhouse eating environment. Everything was home cooked but we always had fresh bread with each meal and a wee bun for afters. I’ve realised that I don’t actually need all the bread etc I was having on top and I don’t miss it at all, I do occasionally crave a pizza but having seen the benefits in my knees pizza trips and soda bread breakfasts will be an occassional treat πŸ™‚

  131. My experience of this

    have quite enjoyed this experiment, although have not seen any performance gains, has made me feel better generally, just reducing bread, dairy and sugar intake. If I was to review paleo I’d say it’s a really good temporary weight loss tool, and works well with crossfit, so I’d recommend. Also gets you eating more vegetables. Negatives as I see it are you can end up deviating from the original diet, overeating meat and saturated fat, snacking a lot on fruit and nuts, and developing a bit of an odd relationship with food. It doesn’t fit in well if you do a lot of running, too low carb.

  132. @ Andrew – insightful!
    Real change is so hard to achieve. Eating better and less is one thing, but actually turning your personality around so you don’t have a feeding fallout is quite a task.

    I’m quite certain I use food as a reward. It doesn’t matter where it came from (upbringing is obvious) but, like you said, it’s the action plan that counts.
    Change the reward? If it was a choice between a fabulous handbag and a doughnut – sugar craving generally beats aquisitiveness.

  133. Firstly, I think ‘Paleo’ is a rubbish name……Robb Wolf has stigmatised the diet/lifestyle from the start. Luckily I am a thick skinned soul and have turned the explaining-to-friends-part into a bit of a game. The rolling eyes You-freak-you-don’t-need-to-lose-weight-give-up-wholemeal-pasta-you-got-to-be-kidding-me-and-milk?-you-weirdo look that I have been getting initially takes a bit of getting used to, and there aren’t hours in the day to explain to people (so they get it) the key concepts.

    I have not found it that hard at all, although working from home and not trying to be 100% exclusive has helped but I find arguing the toss over whether potatoes should be included and other arguments on the periphery pretty tiresome and really detract from what is a very nutritious diet.

    I love bread, I love cheese, I love peas, I love beer, I love sticky toffee pudding – and I am pretty sure that I will continue to eat these food after Lent – but I think my last two months of more-or-less-gluten free has changed the way I eat for good.

    If you can look beyond the cartoon connotations of Captain Cavey (showing my age!) then I think this type of eating is highly relevant to most people. If we to rename the diet from Paleo to ‘eating healthy food that your body is designed to eat, and not processed crap and toxins that will kill you’ then I think Paleo might suffer less credibility issues…..although my new name is less catchy, granted.

    It depends what your view on grains is, but for me, the main benefits that I have derived would appear to be linked to cutting them out. The premise of Paleo is you are not designed to eat them and they are bad for you’. I think I am starting to agree. My recommendation for anyone attempting this lifestyle, is if you do anything at all – cut out grains/gluten.

    Here is a summary of the benefits that I have observed so far:

    – Wealthier. Have gone out far less (this is also a negative πŸ˜‰
    – Achilles tendinopathy still nowhere to be seen. I have been smiling all the way through sets of box jumps. It did recur a little after a cheat-weekend sailing but then went again.
    – Little finger – no sign of the pain that used to be there constantly
    -Sleep – I would have marked my quality of sleep around 4/10 before this project. Despite upheaval in my life at the moment (I used to be a stress bunny) I am somewhere around 7/10. Sleep used to be the bain of my life.
    – Dental hygiene – don’t know if down to anti-inflammatory nature of diet, or less sticky sugars and starches but gum health has been much better
    – Stress – seem to be less stressed
    – Trumpy – I am way less trumpy on paleo πŸ˜‰
    – Alcohol – I used to drink most days. Having a day off was unusual. Have felt almost reticent about having a drink on cheat days (this may btw, feed back into sleep and stress)
    – Weight – back to 13st 3llbs after last weeks flirt with 12 stone something. I have been scoffing my face but weight seems to slide off when eating paleo. I have noticed quite a few other crossfitters in this project have observed similar
    -Performance – need to go back to my benchmark test at the end of Lent before I can really say – but I have gradually been building up my strength this month. I have played football throughout, and have not felt fitter or faster on the pitch since I was about 32. Set a few PRs this month – so don’t seem to be getting weaker!

    All in all, very pleased that I joined in. Thanks for running it people!

    @Kate – is there any chance we could have a midweek slot for photos/Kat’s cals?

  134. Well. I didn’t do it as a lent challenge but more of a ‘what can I do to stop feelinglike crap?’ project for me and boy has it worked.
    Re; telling people, I don’t bother. i just say that I don’t eat gluten and leave it at that as it’s way too complicated/irritating to correct the ‘oh I
    I miss muffins and pizza (that was my favorite meal) but I was never a pasta, rice person so I don’t miss those things. I do miss having crackers around which I have tried recreating with almond flour but I have problems with nuts so I am trying other coconut flour recipies.

    I feel psychically much better. May be placebo but it has helped alot with the headaches I was getting and the tiredness and I can honestly say that I am staying Paleo+some ghee (for cooking), the odd flat white and the occasional cheesy dish.
    I have been getting immediate reactions most times I eat out so the desire to ‘cheat’ simply hasn’t been there.
    When I go to Italy I may have one pizza but I won’t be doing the whole gluten thing again thats for sure.
    I wasn’t intending to do this for weight loss so I didn’t measure myself but I have noticed that I have definately lost a few pounds. I presume this will flatline at some point as I don’t want my mother worrying…

    I am really overall happy with my eggs fried in ghee+steak leftover breakfast and my new life…
    Lastly and most importantly,Ed doesn’t have to nurse me back to health all the timen anymore..

  135. Well I’ve really enjoyed the experiment, but I haven’t lost any weight at all. At first I was snacking on fruit and nuts, but I’ve cut back on those after people said they might be the reason why.

    Really enjoying all the fresh cooking, and feel a lot more healthy (and think we’re saving money taking in lunch every day and shopping for the week at the market etc), but I will enjoy the occasional treat (ie mochas. Mmmmmm). Although knowing my luck, I’ll prob gain lots of weight when I start drinking them again in spite of not losing any when I quit them! Will be interesting to see if my body fat has gone down at all
    [Kate – afraid we’re not around on Easter Sat, but will be in classes the week after Easter for measurements etc]

    Apart from the mochas, and being less rigid on alcohol and bread on weekends, I reckon we’ll keep eating like this. It’s not that different from our previous diet, but just a bit ‘cleaner’ in terms of bread, hummous, quantity etc.

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