Free Will

25 Feb

Saturday 25th Feb 2012

The Crossfit Open has started, max burpees in 7 minutes. Remember that challenge we did?  Well well well….

Today I am throwing the floor open for clients to chose their strength movement.  Its something that may come up in the future as we tweak our programming.



Sumo Dead Lift High Pull, Kettle Bell Swing and Push Press.

Lots and lots of talk about the Lent/Paleo/Zone challenge. I am learning more and more everyday. Keep up the mutual support and feed back guys!

PS. From time to time I post this link to friends very worthy cause:


2 thoughts on “Free Will

  1. Brie you were great. there was some great work today. It was good to see you all choosing your strength session and really working hard at it. And the WOD was a killer but no one gave in. Fantastic!

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