Fridays WOD: a pleasant mix

03 Feb

It was all fun at Crossfit london Uk today, as double unders and ring dips merged with the olympic lifts in a power clean and push press fusion: all under the watchful eyes of “snoppy”, the latest addition to the Dixey household.

So we had a quick mini tutorial on double unders followed by 200 of them ( for the better skippers), or try , and end up in  a tangle for the ” double unders are work in progress” brigade.

This was followed by 3 x 5 front squats ” cleaned” as opposed to lifted off the racks.

Then it was wod time

5 x power clean/push press

5 x ring dip

Amrap 8 minutes.  This does not sound too long, but with weights of 60/70 kilos, thats long enough.

Some great performances from the bigger boys

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