Just for your approval: some Lent plans

13 Feb

Hi all, I just wanted to ok our arrangements for the Crossfit London Lent Challenge.

During this period, some will be following strict Zone protocols,  other Paleo. If you dont want to go  the whole hog, you can target a bad habit: Booze, muffins. whatever.

We will open a Blog tomorrow  and get you to record your commitments.

We will then open 2 more blogs. 1 will be a daily diary to record emotional pain, and problems and successes, the other will be a recipe page where we will be able to share food specific tips. Ill be a bit brutal in pushing comments to the right forum. We will get a side box on the site with links to all 3 blogs.

We just wanted to make sure  that everyone was ok with the title “Lent challenge” and that no one felt it was too religious. ( btw, our period is 22 Feb to 6 April… more than 40 days!!)

For those who would like to do this super monitored, you should sign in to  this sundays strength session. Here we can weigh you , photograph you in skimpy swim wear(optional), help you with self applied measurements, and, if katarina and Steven are free,  we will do body fat and sonic gizzmo fat readings. If you are booking into the strength session to do this, can you email me and let me know.

As a landmark event, the 1st paleo (booze free) party will be at Kirsty’s on the 3rd of March, starting at 2, where Rutger will teach us how to make kale crisps!! Andrew and Kate will tighten up your Zone, and no doubt others will share tips and stuff! Its on the system under class bookings ( Kirsty lives about 10 mins from the box)


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