London Throwdown: some early feedback

11 Feb

Hi all

we are getting bits of feedback from those who made it to the Throwdown. According to the online scoring system, our team are currently placed 5th going in to day 2 (well done!). It seems that Adrienne had a nasty fall during the box jump part of a WOD and was rushed off to A&E.

More news as it comes in.

A big thanks to those who watched and scored (especially Alex M who took the photos and sent them over, and Carolyn and Lindsey)

11 thoughts on “London Throwdown: some early feedback

  1. Looks like we placed 8th and just missed out on the final which is an amazing super human effort by the team.

  2. We are so proud! well done. We are very concerned about Adrienne, but we will bring you news as it comes in.

    Our team got this place with “a woman down”. The stuff of inspiration.

    If this is our starting point, Im envious of where we will end up!

  3. Positive thoughts out to Adrienne. Great effort by the team, especially given they spread the work load of 5 over 4 people on Sunday. There were some pretty fit individuals there – great motivation to get back into it after 3 weeks off.

  4. Massive well done to the team. I’m so impressed with their result and their attitude.
    It was an inspiring competition with so many great people. I’d definitely say it was the highest concentration of lean, fit and healthy people in one place in London this weekend.

  5. Hey guys, thanks for the words of support, I’m on the mend! Slight issues with mobility but hey I couldn’t exactly touch my toes before :-p

    Thanks heaps to everyone who came along to judge and cheers us on, was great to see familiar faces and shouts of encouragement when your legs are on fire and no breath in your lungs. Super proud of how well the team powered on through while I was in hospital.

    Just to set the record straight I wasn’t exactly rushed to hospital…I took a wee chunk out of my shin on a box in the first event still with a 3min sandbag bear to go. Did that then got the blood wiped off, patched up by the red cross, had a lie down, then did the 2nd WOD of snatches and burpee bar hop overs. Then seeing as it’s not generally a good idea to have bone exposed to the elements thought it best to get a dr to have a looksie. Unfortunately once they’d had a look they wouldn’t let me leave the hospital till it had been properly sorted out under a general.

    Never fear, I’ll be back in action in no time, dominating every green box I see

    To put in perspective who awesome 8th place is….Kat, Alex, Tom, Paul – in the semi final of Team Fran completed 100, 75, 50 thrusters and pull ups ahead of 12 other teams who had 5 team members to do the same amount of work. Not to mention the 20 other teams that didn’t even make it in to the semis. You guys are machines!

    Bring on the Open…

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