Poke and a prod

19 Feb

Today’s “strength drop in” session took on a different flavour as Kate and Kat took over the back room, and photographed, weighed, measured, poked and prodded those of our members who had decided to get a proper benchmark for the forthcoming Lent challenge.

Well done to everyone who stripped off in the cold back room, and a special thanks to the 2K’s

I’d suggest that you get a place on the paleo party at Kirsty’s on 3rd March (there is a free sign up sheet in the class schedule)

7 thoughts on “Poke and a prod

  1. Thanks for all that hard work, Kat!
    I’ll be emailing people’s photos out in dribs and drabs over the next few days, so you have your photo benchmark. These are your own pix, and we won’t publish any without permission.

  2. Kate would you be able to do my pics this week as I missed yesterday being in Liverpool x

  3. When are you in next, chick? I’ll be there Wed, Thur and Friday (6.30 or later)

  4. Suggestion. A weekly blog post called “Kat’s Calipers” written by the eponymous (and funny ha-ha) Kat B. A post about all things fat reduction.

    I noticed from the Lent pledge page there are a large number of us wanting to reduce our fat %. I think we have an untapped resource in our midst in the form of Kat. Not only is she a sports scientist with I’m sure a wealth a knowledge about optimising training and fat burning techniques, but she’s also a witty writer (“no dairy – bye bye cheese I will miss you”). So Kat I ask you, can we have a weekly blog entry called ‘Kat’s Calipers’ with hints and tips on how, when we next face you and your pincers of doom, we’ll be able to make you proud?

  5. @Kat and Kate and Si anyone else who knows about this kind of thing

    say you couldnt get in to xfit london for a week to get measured is there an acurate way to visually assess body fat %? or pinch an inch etc?

    Ie would say visible lower abs=sub10%, visble upper=more than 10%+ etc etc?

    Or are these measures pretty inaccurate?

  6. @Pat: you can use your measurements to compute the BF%. Google the US Navy bodyfat calculator

  7. Kat will be able to wave the calipers around tomorrow at the 2 friday evening classes as part of the warm up!


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