Saturdays Paleo Party at Kirstys

28 Feb

Fancy spending an afternoon with some Zone and Paleo food experts, a paleo mad chef, and a nutritional therapist? Well we at Crossfit London have hunted down a group of fun food folk whose brains you can pick for free on Saturday (3td March)  at “Kirstys flat” ( 4 minutes from the gym)

This is a food and Fun party so feel free to bring  paleo or Zone snacks for other people along with paleo friendly booze (for those whose lent challenge has not reduced booze to nil) or just a healthy drink.

This is partly  social, but its  also 2 hours of “how to” sort your diet out, great cooking tips ( including kale crisps!!),  nutritional advice , weighing and food storing tips

You can book your place in the class schedule ( its free to  members). We will send the address out on Friday,  but a group of us will assemble at the gym and leave at 1.50 to walk around together. The event goes from 2 till 4!

Hope to see you there. ( or at the gym at 1.50)

Good Luck with the Lent Challenge


One thought on “Saturdays Paleo Party at Kirstys

  1. I chatted to Rutger who has suggested he will teach us how to make paleo mayonnaise. wow.

    If you are coming, can you, if you have one, bring a whisk!

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