18 Feb

No you wasn’t day dreaming or still drunk, it was in fact Kat and I teaching you this morning NOT Colin!

We worked some explosive and technically outstanding Push Jerks after some “fun” shoulder loading exercises! Try this at home; get into a plank position facing a coffee table or a flat surface that is roughly in line with your head and at arms length away. Raise one hand at a time onto the table keeping your body tight and extended from shoulder to heel, then lower your hands back down to the floor in the same fashion. This is a hand tap, why not try doing a tabata interval of them!

Today’s WOD

5 x 3 min AMRAPS

1) Perform a 1RM Ground to Overhead

2) Row max distance

3) 7 DB Push Press, 7 BIG Box Jumps

4) Bear Complex (power clean, front squat, press, back squat, press)

5) toes through rings (10 air squat penalty when you fall off the rings)

Here’s how everyone did!…

Great Job Gang!

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