The 2012 CrossFit Game Open

19 Feb

Hard to believe that it is that time of the year again…!

This  year  Crossfit London UK will be scheduling the Open WODs at specific times for those who keen on participating.

Between February 22 and March 25, we will be running the following observed sessions:

  • Thursday evenings: all main classes
  • Friday lunchtimes: 1230 class
  • Sunday mornings: during the strength catch-up session, 0930-1130

5 thoughts on “The 2012 CrossFit Game Open

  1. Does that include (thursday) morning?

    BTw, what will help is people reading up on the wod before they go to these sessions.( get familiar with the Games site and look at the standards video)

    We will also need you to help score others too.

  2. I’m excited! I’m registered at CrossFit Avon cause that’s where I was, apparently I can still switch my allegiance on the system- which I might(!) but it’s likely i’ll do half of them with you and half back in Bristol. Yay, bring on the fun! xx

  3. just a point, next sunday is an icourse, we will make space in the back room, we will tell you tomorrow how to book on to this 1 “weird” day.

  4. this weekedn only, if you need to be assessed, drop me an email if you need a saturday or sunday slot ( due to icourse) NB, the tube is not working. Next week, it will be thursday/ sat /sunday.

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