The paleo diet: the run up to lent

05 Feb

The start of our 40 days strict zone/paleo challenge is hurrying towards us. So it probably round about now that you ought to start thinking and experimenting with the type of diet you want to follow. There is a link on this site to the Zone diet, now Im adding the 1st of many links to paleo sources.

I’d like to begin  with a link to Wikipedia that seems to have assembled an interesting array of views on the subject: click here to  get Paleo info.

As most of you are aware, we have sort of steered clear of dietary advice as the whole area seems crammed with  fraudsters and religious nutters. Some times diets have a valid nuget of truth in them but this nuget can frequently be taken out of context.

So what is our role? Well, its to present you  with the outlines of the  popular diets associated with the Crossfit movement, encourage you to research the evidence that supports them, and to discuss with your doctor if this diet is appropriate for you.

But what are we actually going to do?

1) We are inviting lots of our members to write articles/ views/tips about these diets, so we hope to have this website alight with useful comments, critique. recipes, planning tips etc ( if you have an “article in you” email it  to

2) We  are working on a series of “Paleo Parties” . Basically a mini party on  a saturday afternoon where we hangout, have a party but also learn “stuff” associated with the zone and paleo diets. There will be no charge, just you bringing some “healthy” booze and food. During the summer these will be at the gym with a BBQ sizzling in the background. In the winter months, I think we have  Kates, Kirsty’s and Sally’s flat on offer. (im sure others will want to offer too!)

the first “paleo party” will be at Kirstys (its just around the corner from the gym) on saturday 3rd march 2 till 5. you get to practise zone and paleo tricks, cook food, eat food, while drinking healthy  drink ( we may give you the afternoon off the lent challenge).  to keep control of numbers we will get you to register via the booking System ( ill get that done over the next few days). Get the date in your diary.


So, start reading, start researching.


4 thoughts on “The paleo diet: the run up to lent

  1. Hi – for those doing the Zone, who are irritated by weighing things out in oz, cups or ‘portions’ – this is more accurate:

    Here are some basic carbs converted into blocks and giving their weight in grammes.
    Each item= 1 block carb

    banana 39g
    apple 65g
    blackberries 93g
    raspberries 75g
    strawberries 93g
    orange/tangerine 80g
    peach 94g
    pineapple 71g
    melon 110g

    tomato 229g
    broccoli 125
    cabbage 201
    cauliflower 218g
    mushrooms 152g
    spinach 240g
    pepper 142
    lettuce 273
    bread 20g
    rice raw 11g
    rice cooked 31g

    All Bran 19g
    porridge 15g

    Animal proteins are a lot more consistent:
    28g of beef, chicken, lamb, pork or other meat equals 1 block.
    28g of salmon, prawns, = 1.5 blocks
    1 egg = 1 block

  2. Speaking of protein…….Lindsay treated me to a Beef butchery masterclass at the Ginger Pig butchers last night. The group was challenged to lift at arms length a Roasting (or half a back of a cow) weighing in at 40 kg for 15 seconds. The prize was juicy 50 day aged rib eye.

    Just to show that Crossfit really does give you the edge in truly practical situations, I stepped forward for the challenge. You will be please to know that the rib-eye is safely tucked into the fridge for my lunch today and there was only one other successful Beef–lifter – and he was seriously ripped. Hurray for Crossfit London!

    I then went on to work out how many zone blocks that I had just lifted…..turn out it was 1400 blocks……..which would last me about 70 days at 20 blocks per day. Or……about £900 of aged beef!

  3. Wow Alex – great job! Maybe holding heavy things at arms length should be a fundamental move that we practice.

    Lindsay – personally I weigh the meat cooked, as that’s what I’m eating. Generally there’s not much difference between the pre and post weight so it’s up to you.

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