The Wednesday runs are back at Crossfit London

29 Feb

Whether its carrying a 10kilo sandbag, or just yourself, The wednesday runs are back for the rest of the year, along with a  dose of good old fashioned Olympic weightlifting. Combined with Andrews loves for gymnastic moves. Expect to handstand , “pop and drop” and run: like the hoards of hades are behind you.

Tonight s Wod time was a 20 minute amrap of

20 double unders

15 ring dips

15 Toes to bar

Star run ( im still is a furious argument with Toma as to how far a star run is).

Great Fun and well done

12 thoughts on “The Wednesday runs are back at Crossfit London

  1. Love the running component – definitely more please (more appropriate footwear next time). Need less stompy DUs before I break my knees or trigger a minor earthquake in Tower Hamlets.

    I also enjoyed the brief ‘levitation’ interlude masquerading as gymnastics that clearly demonstrates that Andrew is super human and the rest of are mere mortals. ‘Run like the hoards of Hades are behind you’ indeed!

  2. A mere 3 rounds – but DU’s were all there, red band for dips and at least 1 TTB was real 😉 In the last round Andrew grabbed my feet and hauled me up for a a good few reps. Freaky feeling!

    Thanks, great workout. Glad you gave us snatch practice considering the Games WOD today

    1. Oooh…good website. I calculated the actual distance of the park run (around the back of the basketball court) it is indeed 400m. Who knew?

  3. although I am the world’s slowest runner, I do think they are good for me – so as long as I can get over my ego that wil have me lagging behind everyone I will be coming!


  4. Very much enjoyed – thanks Andrew. Good to get some snatch practice in too!

  5. No need for a sandbag imo. It will be a hinderance rather than a help for people trying to improve their running

  6. Patrick – I think that’s the point of the sandbag 😉 Not a huge fan myself.

  7. Yeah ok I get that Alex, but unless your training to be in the army i don’t see a lot of benefit. You lose a lot of the benefits of running by attempting to carry a sandbag. If you find running a hard exercise (I don’t but I know a lot find it a bit of a nemesis) I don’t see value in making it harder by adding a sandbag

    I really have a craving for a croissant

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